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  1. Go to KIS11 main GUI and click on "Protection" then click on "Settings" at the top right side of the application GUI. And click on "Application Control" and uncheck "Trust applications with digital signiture". Then KIS will ask you for any application installed. See the screen sot below.
  2. I have read all related topics for this issue of KIS11 and found out that they didn't get any solution for the problem. Maybe, this time I might be the lucky one. The first answer might be use GSI but i don't like it because I don't want my private files to be seen like this man ~ which is very unethical. I have also installed KB979223 http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=979223 but the problem hasn't stopped. I am an advanced user, I know my system is running fine. This problem also exists on my friend's system. So I came here to know if there is a fix for the known bug of KIS11 or I if there is at least admission to the issue or else I can search for less resource hungry competitive security suit. I am using Windows 7 Pro, I just want to get peace from the high processor usage. Because more processor usage means more heat, more heat means short life of a computer. I am sure KIS11 is scanning for virus but I don't want 50% of my processor to be used by avp.exe while there is no virus in the system. Kaspersky always scans files in the background but is there any option to disable that? I have seen other security suits have that option. I also think it can't identify if the PC is idle or not. Low processor or ram usage doesn't mean idle. Sadly, if this problem continues, I have to remove Kaspersky, so please help. edit: del link to topic that does not meet Your ethical standards.
  3. I have the same problem. I have sent my request to Kaspersky Tech Support. To do so, follow the instruction in this page below. http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208281133
  4. I got it from here. http://devbuilds.kaspersky-labs.com/devbui...rescue_2008.iso I have downloaded maybe three times and there was no success. How could it work when I download it through KIS 2010?
  5. Good News :cb_punk: :ay: :bravo: :bv: I got a working Kaspersky Rescue Disk, just downloaded directly from Kaspersky Internet Security 2010. As I have said, the eariler ISOs don't work but the 2010 one works perfectly. I have tested it and it already gave life to two already dead PCs. :bravo: Thank you everyone for the help. :beer:
  6. I would be glad to do that. Would you give me the address of the developer or PM me? Thanks zeliko :ay: , ok I will do that even though I said I have no problem with other bootable ISOs if burned. And Easy BCD removes the need for cds but the ISO couldn't still boot, so I don't thing there will be any difference with another PC. Do you have a working Kaspersky rescue cd now?
  7. Thank you Whizard and Knight Captain for the help. :bf: My laptop is HP Pavilion DV4 HP motherboard bios - insyde Hard disk type - Sata And mind you this the same for all hp DV2, DV3, DV4, DV5, Dv6, ... laptop models, and I will be surprised if it work in any new hp PCs. I have tried it on Acer notebook and HCL desktop PCs but I didn't check their mother board, etc. And I normally use PowerISO to burn ISO images. And yes, when I open the Rescue CD/ISO, PowerISO tell me it is a bootable image. What I down is download the ISO open it with power ISO and burn it. In all the three cases, the rescue cd didn't say anything. Just a blinking cursor. What I posted on post number 3 is not from the rescue cd but a software called EasyBCD, which can add an ISO on boot manager and enable to boot from it. That is a default message that comes from the software till the ISO start to boot. Thank you santucco for the help. :bf: I download Kaspersky Rescue CD many times and there is no change, so it is hard to say the ISO is corrupted. I have a working CD drive and a working CD burner too. This take us to the CD/DVD drive. It works well and it burns upto double layer DVD and I install Operating system using the CD and I had no problem of booting from DVD.
  8. I didn't test the Rescue disk on single PC. I tried it on many PC of different model and it only shows blank screen or some dos text and it stops responding. I have never seen any thing close to "Press Enter to boot from Kaspersky Rescue Disk".
  9. Just a reminder. Could someone who make the rescue CD talk about it here. I have seen Kaspersky development project manager posting in this forum. Where are they now?
  10. Thank you Wizard for being around. I am very confident that rescue cd is too easy to do for Kaspersky lab, it is just a matter of time but it would be good for the name of Kaspersky to fix the issue soon. The longer the problem continues unfixed the more customers will be unhappy.
  11. Sorry for the double post. It seems this topic is no that interesting form Kaspersky lab even though it need attention. Sadly, I have to say the quality of the Rescue CD doesn't match with KIS or KAV. The Rescue CDs don't even rescue as it is unbootable. Creating a bootable Rescue CD is not such a difficult task so, I would be glad if Kaspersky Lab get transparent on this and fix the problem of the rescue CD.
  12. It is the same for the new verision 2010 too. Did you see this link? http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=133212 Any Rescue CD on Kaspersky ftp server is not working.
  13. Most of them show black screen when booted with the rescue cd. One shows the following text and nothing happens no matter how long you wait. Here is the text that I see when I boot with the CD. System Type : 0x0 Sector count: 0x18 Load RBA: 0x8A Boot type: 0= No Emulation _ Then it stops here. This thread explains the problem of the resucue disk more. http://www.techmixer.com/kaspersky-rescue-disk-load-kaspersky-antivirus-2009-using-dos/
  14. First of all. I want to give my admiration to Kaspersky Lab team for developing such a wonderful security software. I love Kaspersky. Because I am so impressed with Kaspersky, I have been looking for a rescue disk since the last few months. I have downloaded and tested many but all of them don't work. I have seen another post which also show that the rescue CD is not working or has problem. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=133212 http://forum.kaspersky.com/lofiversion/ind...hp/t145547.html http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...p;#entry1200894 http://forum.kaspersky.com/lofiversion/ind...hp/t110903.html http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...p;#entry1102932 Is there any working new version or any plan to make the Rescue CD as flawless as the main application? Thanks!
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