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  1. Also, in addition to nexon's post, the reset settings in Windows 10 will remove all your programs and settings, the only way to keep your programs is if you have a Windows 10 ISO and use it to do a repair install of Windows. If I do a repair install I usually remove Kaspersky first, install Windows & fully update it, then re-install Kaspersky, & import my saved settings, update the databases and reboot. Which ever way you choose to reset, be sure to have your 20 digit activation code to hand, if you registered on My Kasperky you can find it there, and you can download the latest installer from the links in this post https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/344419-download-the-latest-kaspersky-product-updates/ Make sure you click on Update and not free trial when downloading.
  2. From your GSI, you are low on disk space, try to free some up, uninstall any unused programs, clean up junk files via disk cleanup or CCleaner and reboot. Nothing else jumps out at me as being blatently obvious, but if clearing some disk space does not help, please wait for a moderator or more experienced user to have a look at your GSI.
  3. Do you have any problems installing other programs ? And have you tried right clicking the installer & running as administrator ? A GetSystemInfo report may shed some light on what is causing this, please follow the instructions in this link https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/915-how-to-help-us-help-you-with-a-log-of-your-system/
  4. Hi, First uninstall version 2017, during the uninstall tick the box to save license info, then reboot when prompted. Install version 2018, once installed and activated, run an update of the databases & reboot once more. This is the forum recommended method & I have used it for years without any problems.
  5. Hi, It is probably to do with the fonts that the Kaspersky GUI uses as those files hold your font cache, it is perfectly normal & generally they do not need deleting unless your font cache becomes corrupted.
  6. Hi, At the top of the forum click on Virus Desk, then Scan File or URL. On the page that opens, copy and paste your URL & click scan, if your sites are flagged as unsafe, you can click "I disagree with the scan results" & send it to the lab for analysis.
  7. Hi, Please provide a GetSystemInfo report as it may help to identify what is causing this, instructions located in the link below
  8. Hi, Please provide a GSI report as outlined in the link below which may be able to help identify the cause
  9. Also, The forum recommended method when you come to upgrade is to first uninstall 2017, check the box to keep license info, reboot. Install version 2018, manually update the databases and reboot once more. Leave it until your current license is down to the last couple of days then add your 2016 activation code.
  10. Hi, Kaspersky settings > additional > notifications & uncheck all those you do not wish to receive.
  11. Really not sure about the Digital River cross version naming, sounds to me like an error on their website, but never used Digital River myself, Pure changed it's name to Total Security in 2014 I believe.
  12. Your event viewer is flooded with VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) errors. Hold down the Windows key & press R, type services.msc and press enter. Make sure that the COM+ Event System service is set to automatic and the Volume Shadow Copy service is set to manual. Also, File List Generator is being flagged as potentially incompatible with Kaspersky. If still no go with the desktop, try the system file checker, click the start button & type CMD. Right click on command prompt in the search results and run it as administrator, then type sfc/scannow and press enter, the scan will take a while but at the end it will let you know if there were corrupt files and if SFC was able to repair them. As for clean install vs over the top install, the forum recommended method is to first uninstall the old version, reboot, install new version, update databases, reboot again. During the uninstall you can opt to save licence info if you still have time left on it, but it is always a good idea to have your activation code handy just in case.
  13. If you buy a licence for version 17 it is good to activate versions 18 to 20 as well, you get free upgrades to the latest version during your licence period. As for your Windows problem it might be worth posting a GetSystemInfo report, especially if it interferes with Kaspersky, and to rule out any sort of infection or incompatible software/junkware, instructions for the GSI are in the 2nd pinned topic at the top of this forum section.
  14. Version 18 is gradually rolling out, your activation code will be fine with it as it allows you to go 3 versions forward.
  15. I've just had a look on the USA site & downloaded the file myself When you go to install it, it asks if you want to install English, French or Spanish so you should be okay to use that file, then activate using the code from Digital River, then run a database update & reboot. https://usa.kaspersky.com/downloads/thank-you/total-security
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