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  1. Application icon in the taskbar notification area not showing update percentage, you have to open the KIS main window to see it. Using latest 2018 version on Windows 7.
  2. I've upgraded my desktop just to have a look at the new Malwarebytes 3, uninstalling version 2 first using the clean tool and doing a clean install of version 3 Premium with a Lifetime Licence. I added the missing exclusions by manually copying and pasting the text only into the File or Folder box using just the name/path only eg: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mbae64.sys Trying to browse them through the Kaspersky browser as we already know does not show up the path/options for the below: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mbae64.sys C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mbam.sys C:\Windows\System32\drivers\MBAMChameleon.sys C:\Windows\System32\drivers\MBAMSwissArmy.sys C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mwac.sys C:\Windows\system32\Drivers\farflt.sys But doing each one manually by copy and pasting the above text only then gives you the option to add them, the text or driver will not copy and paste directly from the Windows System32 Drivers folder. I'm using KIS Total Security on Windows 7, try it and see if it works for you
  3. Malwarebytes 3.0 - Frequently Asked Questions: Files to be added to A/V Exclusions List https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/19165...comment-1133327 This list is specific to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 3.x. Exclude the following folders: (The complete folder) • C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware • C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService Exclude the following files: • C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mbae64.sys • C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mbam.sys • C:\Windows\System32\drivers\MBAMChameleon.sys • C:\Windows\System32\drivers\MBAMSwissArmy.sys • C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mwac.sys • C:\Windows\system32\Drivers\farflt.sys
  4. Privazer 3.0.23 no longer being flagged as malware and exe. downloads and runs without issues now
  5. The Kaspersky Virus Desk says the download link is safe, but cannot scan the exe. file as Kaspersky is deleting it straight away. Have sent the link to Kaspersky and added the note that the downloaded exe. file is showing as perhaps Virus/Malware false positive.
  6. Having the same issue with Privazer 3.0.23 using Kaspersky Total Security, detecting downloaded file as UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic
  7. You will have no security risk, just add the three exceptions to the trusted applications and you'll be fine. Some have problems some don't, don't worry about it. If you wish you could also add Kaspersky to the Malwarebytes Exclusion list, open Malwarebytes, go to Settings, then Malware Exclusions on the left, click the Add Folder button, then navigate to c:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab and your done.
  8. How to add an application to the Trusted list in Kaspersky Total Security https://support.kaspersky.co.uk/11444 1.Specify the executable file of the trusted application using the Browse button or by choosing the application from the list (only currently active applications are displayed). In your case add the following scroll down to Malwarebytes and add the three exceptions in the screenshot.
  9. All seem to connecting now and I have not reinstalled Secure Connection on the laptops, they are just working ok for now. Strange :ai: Many thanks Danila
  10. As you suggested just tried again and Secure Connection has this time connected on the desktop, will try now on the three other laptops I have it on.
  11. This is the reply I got from my ticket today and it still does not solve the problem for me, Uninstalled Secure Connection, Rebooted, reinstalled Secure Connection from provided link and rebooted, updated databases and rebooted again Kaspersky Security Data Escort Adapter is showing in Device Manager and is enabled, the internet loads fine without secure connection, but opening Secure Connection is still not working. Screenshot Attachment Dear customer, Thank you very much for your e-mail. My name is xxxxxx and I will handle your issue regarding the Kaspersky secure connection. I would like to inform you that you received an automated reply by our system based on the key words you used when you created the incident. Let's try to remove and install the Kaspersky secure connection from one device that having the issue at the moment. Please open the control panel and remove the Kaspersky secure connection from the installed programs. Reboot your computer and navigate to the link below to download the application on your system. http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/english...1en-gb_full.exe Open the Kaspersky main application and perform a database update. Perform a new reboot and then navigate to the network connections and make sure that Kaspersky Security Data Escort adapter is present and it is active. Try to connect to the internet and update me. Thank you. To reply to this request, you can simply reply to this e-mail leaving the subject line unchanged. If we do not receive a response from you within 7 days, your request will be considered resolved by our system. If you would like us to leave your request open, you can simply let us know by replying to this e-mail or sending a new reply through My Kaspersky. Best regards, Kaspersky Lab Technical Support
  12. Thanks for your help Berny, have submitted a ticket and will update when I have more information.
  13. Thanks Berny. Yes, Internet connection is loading all pages fine on all machines via wifi or hardwired, version 'd' worked fine, it's 'e' that's broke something. I see people had problems with other VPN's that was supposed to be fixed in version 'e', but this is Kaspersky's own Hotspot Shield. In the about option in Secure Connection it's not even showing registration and how many days are left any more. Don't see what else I can do!
  14. GetSystemInfo report https://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...a6c1bf&ms=0
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