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  1. The system is based on: Windows 2008 server w. sp1 64bit SQL server 2005 w sp2. The system is back-end and db server for moss 2007. Is it safe and recommended to install an antivirus application on this system? If so, which one?
  2. I have a number of version 5 installations, so that won't work. I'll block the application using GPO. Thanks!
  3. Is there a way how to block a specific application - utorrent.exe using Kaspersky Administration Kit Version: 6.0.1591 and policies? Managed workstations are using KAV for Windows Workstations 5.0.712 and 6.0.2.x and 6.0.3.x
  4. Reinstall of the Administration server and upgrade on SQL 2005 using klbackup/restore went ok. Current setup is: Windows Server 2003 standard R2 SP2 SQL Server 2005 standard SP2 Kaspersky Administration Server 6.0.1591 No errors for now Thank you for help.
  5. And via backup/restore certicifate should be restored too. Thanks.
  6. I'm using: MS SQL Server 2000 sp4 KAV Administration Kit 6.0.1591 I am going to consider upgrade to sql 2005. Thank you for helping! PS. Just crossed my mind: Is it possible to use old certificate (klserver.cer) with new instance of K.Administration Kit? If not, how could we connect all workstations currently connected to existing K.A. server to the new server?
  7. I've noticed "Unable to delete the task.." error (see attachment) Task settings also could not be updated. What can be cause for this error?
  8. Thank you, I have downloaded this version: kav6.0.3.837_winserven.exe and it will be installed.
  9. I havn't found registry entry for any setting I had to shut down kav (luckilly, kavshell stop works ! ) because reply from fileserver was very slow (opening of an excel worksheet took dozen of seconds) Does any KAV certified-64-bit version based on 6.x versions exists?
  10. Is there a mechansim for controlling the cpu load on windows 2003 standard edition 64-bit with kav5.0.77 64 bit installed? There is no registry entry like this for 32bit ver. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\Components\2A\Fileserver\
  11. How can I reduce CPU load on multiprocessor machines on only one processor? (In ver. 5 it was possible by editing the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\Components\2A\Fileserver\ Is it possible to start/stop application from command prompt? (In ver. 5 commandn was kavshell)
  12. Update: I've moved all suspicious laptops to an OU, created GPO for startup script to performe klmover command, make it to perform only once. It works fine. Reinstall of KAV or Netagent is not necessary. Thanks again.
  13. @Tybilly I have started klnagchk with user account that has no administyrative rights, on a desktop machine. It worked. @Helmut Thanks for the link, i have tried klmover -dupfix on a test-laptop who showed typycal symptoms and it works ok. Performed actions: Connecting to a remote command console (DameWare NT Utils) executing klmover -dupfix, generating of new host ID, Operation completed successfully ! Finding a test-laptop in Admin Kit console in existing network structure Moving a test-laptop into an adequate group and performing instalation of netagent and av from admin. server. Installation finished ok. Manually starting of antivirus service on test-laptop (netagent service already started) Everything works fine, status is Warning/Visible, Your computer has not been scanned for a very long time I suppose that I have to manually execute klmover -dupfix on each cloned workstation? Thanks for your help.
  14. Yes they are. But Admin server doesn't see most of them when they are on lan.
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