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Workstation licensing problem

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I am currently working with Tech support on this one, but I can't seem to get an answer to what's going on.


I have one laptop running XP that did the obligatory BSOD when pushing the latest version to it from the Admin console. On reboot the network stack was trashed and it would not pull a IP address even with IPCONFIG.


The only way I could get this repaired was to reapply SP2 (this actually happened on 2 notebooks both Dell Latitude D620s).


The problem was that on a manual install on the system, whan asking for the license key, I selected the one I use for all my workstations, but it kept reading the date as 7/6/2007 instead of the correct date of 9/28/2007.


I checked the license key file by applying it to another workstation install and it read the date correctly.


I have since did a total uninstall of KAV and the agent from the system, cleared the registry of any leftover keys, deleted all files and directories on the system for KAV and did a fresh install after the necessary reboots and the system still wants to read the license file as the wrong date.


Has anyone seen this before? This just so happens to be our company president's laptop. ohmy.gif


So right now I stand with the .690 version installed but it will not activate without the license key, and it keeps going nuts about various Windows services like Explorer.exe being riskware INVADER (which did happen on another system till I was able to run the update and restart, now it's fine). It will not run any updates till it's activated and it will not activate because it wont read the license key correctly.



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If you execute "date" on the commnand prompt what you will get?

Also try to reset the TCP/IP stack via netsh command

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I always have that problem on my laptop (Dell Inspiron 6000)


Normally I can initially install KAV or KIS 6.x.x versions with no problems, but as soon as I update to a newer version it kills my network stack.


user posted image Makes no difference if I blow away everything before installing or do an upgrade.

user posted image The NIC still shows in device manager

user posted image Doing an IPCONFIG shows that there's no LAN connection, even though all the hardware looks fine.


The only way I've been backrev'ing this is by using ERUNT on the machine to back up the registry right before attempting an upgrade. Sometimes using winsockxp will also remedy this issue.


After making any of the changes using either of those programs I have to try and install the original version I started with and it'll normally work fine again.


Hopefully you get somewhere with your support team because I got nowhere with mine. Kaspersky has a great detection rate and everything, but it is the only AV scanner I am afraid to install because of issues like this.


Especially on machines that you have tread carefully on. Backing up every machine when having to do an upgrade is not an option for me.


The upgrade process normally screws up my notebook to the point where I'll have to revert to an earlier image before I made any of the changes because of the instability I incur after doing the KAV updates sad.gif

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It is best you contact tech-support and open a ticket, since forums are not always monitored.

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