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KIS 2010 Found Trojan - Not able to Disinfect Prompted me to Delete -- OK?

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Hello once again. I come here with little knowledge, and usually when something is wrong! --

But willing to learn, it'll just take me a while. Bear with me, and sorry it's wordy. I wanted to make sure I got this out while I remember.




KIS 2010 working great, since upgrading from KIS 7 -- like it alot.

Home PC - Windows XP Home Ed Serv Pack 3 Build 2600



Last night, decided to run Full scan - it had been about 3 weeks since last full scan, which should've been sooner, but didn't get a chance.

KIS database updates current though, still should've ran a full scan sooner. Quck scans multiple times a week, never turned up anything. Got lazy on Full Scan.


KIS detected Trojan-Spy.win32.agent.bdzz & Trojan-Spywin32.agent.beaf


Pop up came up with disinfect grey out, not able to do it or something like that.

Gave me the choice to delete with recommend next to it.

I clicked on delete.

Several of these happened throughout the scan. At some point I paused the scan to take care of this.

Then resumed scan. Again, more kept coming up with same prompt & I'd click delete as recommended option.


At the tail end of scan it detected Adware-not-a-virus -- took care of that as well.

I re-ran the full scan again late last night (early morning hours actually), and a few more came up and same action.

Screen went back to green. All looks fine.


Rebooted today, ran full scan again, all clean it seems.



My question: I'm attaching screen shots of detected tab events and report - The files that seem infected appear to be files that were residing in what I "believe" was a desktop data back up folder, created by the Geek Squad, pre-Kaspersky days, when we had a problem (virus or something at the time), with the computer and they took care of cleaining it, and saved our data to a folder. And pointed us to KIS as one of the best protections we could get. And we then installed KIS..


We were never told what to do with the back up folder, (or better half didn't ask). I've accessed it for a few saved pictures, word processing docs, etc...at times & gotten rid of files I knew I didn't need. But there it still sits. And not even sure I'm reading the KIS report correctly in assuming these infect files are from that folder, but looks like it points to that.


Are the files that were affected, things I need? The file names do not look familiar and seem possibly to do with the backup recovery or something? Since I clicked on the recommended delete action, I'm wondering if I need these files? They look like system files to me, but I know nothing. Do I need to piece these files back together again? Or just not worry with anything - all is green.




Attempting to attach png files here








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Those were all processed accordingly. Please post screenshot of Threats Detected > Active threats.

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Hi! Thank you!

Here's my screen print of what I have.


However, back in Jan 13 or 14th of this year, I wrote to this discussion board and asked about this event that happened that still shows. A website http file & name showed up on event log and - I Was told by Lucien? that yes - KIS showed the website was infected, but KIS showed in my event it was infected, and blocked. Here's the screen shot.


I just searched the archive under my posts and the discussion - Jan 13 or 14. Search won't let me go back in to find the exact date.

I thought I was ok with that though, based on my understanding of the response given to me back then.



Here's the screen shot of what I still show detected is at top - blue i next to it





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Hi thanks for quick reply,


Screen looks blank on Active threats pull down menu - if that's where you were asking me to go.

Shreenshot below.


Yes, thank you that was the thread on that detected http site from January, if that looks ok and my active threats is empty from the trojan detection from yesterday - then all ok, I guess ?



As far as the action I've taken in regard to yesterday's trojan it found on scan, I know that KIS creates a back up of what has been deleted, what I'm unclear about is if these files are vital. Did I just delete something that the computer needed as far as those files? The files do not look familiar to me like system volume information restore or something like that.


Thank you for your patience and time.





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You're welcome. Just let those sit in quarantine.

..then all ok, I guess ?

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