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  1. Hi! Sorry for delay. I've deleted the key from KSC properties:
  2. Hi! Sorry because I don't know how I can to do it. Just do I delete the key from KSC?
  3. Ok. I have created a report: There is a same device using two keys because it is the own computer where it's installed the KSC. But it's strange because the "two devices" are with same IP: (localhost). I even installed in another computer but it don't active the key too.
  4. I think no. I'll describe what I did: - I have installed the Kaspersky Security Center on my computer as administration server. - It installed normally. I put the license number in KSC and I mark the option for to distribute the key automatically. Then, I install the application "Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows" on a device (in the same network) through the installation packages. - But the application on device doesn't get the activated status. I saw that the trial license offers support for until 25 devices and I didn't exceeded it. There is the possibility that it is happening because I put the key in Kaspersky Security Center?
  5. I've tried to activate in a device with the activation code. But it gets the same error status: "The license is expired".
  6. So... I created a task for do it, but the problem is that the task gets an error status. It says that the licence has expired, but the licence is valid until march 23th.
  7. In the picture above, there is an active key that it's showing in Security Center, but on a device is shown that the key isn't active.
  8. Right! Sorry because it's in portuguese I was not able to change the language.
  9. So... I've installed the network agent on a device. In fact, I created a installation package from the security center. Then, I installed this package on a device. I saw that it's able to connect because I can see it in security center by the host name, but the problem is that, on device, the application isn't able to activate the license
  10. Hello! I've read that article. There was an option that I didn't have marked. It's the option: "Automatically distributed key". So, I marked this option, but It didn't work It gets this status: "The application isn't actived" in a device.
  11. Hi! So... I have installed the Kaspersky Security Center 10 and I'm trying to install the Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 on devices. I'll read that article and I'll say if I was able to fix it or not.
  12. Hello! I've installed the Kaspersky Security Center 10 with a trial license of the Advanced version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security. However, after I install the Kaspersky application in a device, the license isn't installed. The application on device gets with this status: "the application is not actived". How Can I solve this problem?
  13. I got it! After I read that article, I realized that I didn't install the database. Then, I installed the mysql server and I was able to install the kaspersky security center. Thanks for helpe me!
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