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  1. 'Hello, I find that Kaspersky Pure 3 works much more smoothly than KIS 2014 on WIN 7 64. There is one problem, and it occurs with IE11. It is necessary to disable virtual keyboard to log in to secure web sites. The interface in Kaspersky Pure 3 resembles that of KIS 2014, which is a definite advantage. By the way, I do not work for Kaspersky.
  2. Is there a patch expected to fix problems associated with having to disable Virtual Keyboard plugins to enter user name or password in secure web sites, when running IE 11? (Enhanced protected mode is not enabled) Using Pure 3 (trial version) on WIN 7 64 with IE11. Satisfied except for above problem. The interface and functioning have many elements of similarity with KIS 2013, which is a major advantage (in my opinion).
  3. Any differences in behavior expected from KIS2014_14.0.0.4651abEN_5305 (earlier) versus ....4651abEN_5375 (later)?
  4. It appears that KIS 2014 does not trust the KPM 7 uninstaller. I have to elevate it to "Trusted" to complete the uninstallation process. This does not happen during installation, in the presence of KIS 2014. Why does not KIS 2014 trust the KPM 7 uninstaller? Seems rather unusual.
  5. A few weeks ago I bought the full version of KPM 7. Following purchase it converted the free version to the paid version without my intervention. Of course I did not want to store my credit card number. So I removed it. It automatically deactivated the paid version on removing the credit card number. I do not agree with auto-renewal or the practice of storing credit card numbers. These should be optional, not compulsory. (Adobe suffered a massive hacking attack recently compromising data of millions of users). I requested a refund and received the refund. So I am back to running the free version. See previous posts. But when will Kaspersky and Digital River solve the problem described in the first paragraph - deactivation of account on removal of credit card information, after payment has been made?
  6. Running KIS 2014 (patch c) WIN 7 64 and IE11. KPM 7 free version installed. Virtual keyboard does interfere with user name and password entry on some web sites. To get around this I have to stop the KPM from running and turn off KPM browser plugins and virtual keyboard plugins. A serious inconvenience.
  7. KPM v7.0 (paid version) was returned and I received a refund. Back to running the free version. I do not like or want to approve auto-renewal. If you get rid of these problems I can think about purchasing KPM 7 (paid version), again. edit: del unnecessary warning.
  8. I was able to remove the message by removing KPM and all settings, then deleting My Kaspersky account. "My Kaspersky Account" was re-established later to enable use of free KPM 7 without an error message.
  9. Do I have to uninstall or just pause KIS 2014 before installing Acronis True Image 2014? I have not bought Acronis yet. Planning in advance; recommendations appreciated.
  10. This partially relates to the previous post. By pretending that I had lost my 'old' master password and creating a new master password, I was able to remove web account information. Although a refund is in process, I am not able to remove the invalid license from Kaspersky Account Manager. After completely uninstalling and re-installing KPM 7.0 (free) I get an error message. See attachment. Any ideas about removing this error message?
  11. Two questions: 1) How do I erase/remove all data in the cloud? 2) Although KPM has been removed, the account manager still shows a license for KPM. How do I remove it? I can send you screen shots about (2), but I would prefer to send them privately, instead of posting them in the forum.
  12. I was satisfied with the free version; so I thought I would purchase the paid version. I do not like storing credit card numbers. or auto-renewal. So I went back and deleted it. Unfortunately this triggered deactivation of the license on the pc, but showed up as valid in the Kaspersky Account Manager. Called tech support for a refund and it is supposed to be in process; could take 5 days. I thought I could run the free version by uninstalling and reinstalling KPM 7; but a new problem surfaced. KPM 7 displayed messages that it could not synchronize in addition to the error message about the license; I clicked on renew and it took me to the Kaspersky account; on logging in it showed a valid license for KPM 7! How do I erase any and all information being stored on Kaspersky servers and start from 'scratch' with free version again? (I have deleted the .spdb file on my pc and removed any residual registry entries using CCleaner) I know the 'old' master password and most of the passwords for my accounts). Is there a KPM removal utility just like the KAV removal utility just to ensure there are no traces of KPM 7?
  13. The number of definitions is at 6,203619 (6.30pm Eastern Time). Is this correct? How do I check this? The number of definitions has been dropping regularly, over the last week. Running KIS 2013 at present.
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