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  1. What i have done is to change the Database Update settings to... Manual Update... and just do random, regular updates, seems to have worked so far. I will change the settings back to Automatic when a permanent fix is released. (or unless it get stuck again ) ....cheers.
  2. Hi, with Kts version Safe Money, i was able to login to my bank account using auto type with KeePass With version b ) Safe Money, i am unable to auto type login to my bank account www.nab.com.au Is this a known issue or just part of the new security in the new version with Safe Money ? has not been released in our region yet, (Australia) , My Kaspersky reports that not all components are enabled when i log into it, if that makes any difference, i am not sure. Thank you.
  3. Bump, for genemachine after i posted,on his thread.
  4. We can add www.dailymail.com.au to that, it opened on the previous with chrome, it does not open with new version 16.0.1 445. with chrome, the site opens with edge browser.
  5. I installed the United States version, it is on there.
  6. Thank you Rudger for taking the time to confirm the problem. At least i know it is not a problem with my system. i will not report the problem to Kaspersky Australia Tech Support as there web site is still showing the latest Pure 3 version as ( abcd ), I don't think there is even an office in Australia with Tech Support.
  7. I can log into My Kaspersky from the browser and see codes, requests , but when i click devices it just goes into the working/re directing loop i have cleared cache, cookies, browsing history,everything,on Google Chrome, i tried IE, still the same problem i uninstalled Kaspersky, re installed, still the same problem, it won't even log in from Manage My Devices in the application, i am using b i tried but it has a problem with safe money and my bank log in so i use the older version, and it also had the same re direct/working loop problem.
  8. Is My Kaspersky.. down at the moment ?, it just goes in a re direct loop Thanks
  9. Hi when i log into my bank using the Safe Money Browser, Safe Money Browser keeps loading..... redirecting to standard browser.. again and again and again... never ending,... i have had to turn off Safe Money. Windows 7/64 Ultimate Google Chrome 64 bit latest version And also, how do i remove the recommendations from KTS interface under.. Your Computer is Protected Parental Control Backup i do not need these two recommendations Cheers
  10. Enebris is not alone with these problems , i have the same problems,,auto fill works with FF, but doesn't log in,auto fill works with IE but doesn't log in, nothing works with Google Chrome 64 bit at all, no auto fill or log in. i have KTS latest version patch (B.) with PW 8 Edit: (B.) steg cool.gif
  11. I have some bad news, i have installed latest version.. Pure 4 (Total Security) PWM still does not work with Google Chrome
  12. I have just installed Pure 4 (Total Security) i love the new interface of the application, it is just like KIS every thing is working fine, well done to the team at Kaspersky :cb_punk:
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