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  1. Well, we've got to some kind of workaround together with our local support :-). The point is that to exclude a site from checking over https you have to create a rule in the trusted zone that any traffic to the given host should be excluded (presumably, to port 443, only) in the Web Antivirus. For my case (an internet banking site) it provides the results I want, however, for a "domain name with wildcards" (*.mozilla.org) it would be pretty troublesome to find all the IP-s that could be relevant ;-/, as only IP addresses can be written there. And although it is not my business actually, are you sure that skipping virus check of mozilla addons does sound reasonable? However, I've started running into "invalid certificate" messages of Thunderbird lately (after upgrading to WKS 6.0.3) for some mystical issues; this issue is something different and I am investigating it...
  2. Well, you get this certificate error since (a) KAV/KIS substitutes its own certificate to implement virus checking over https connections -- it is by design and ( firefox appears to verify the certificate it receives from mozilla.org. I suggest your desired usage pattern would be smth like "please automatically (without prompting) check all encrypted connections to port 443 except the listed ones, namely, *.mozilla.org", isn't it? In theory, you should have been able to set the product up this way (at least, there are corresponding settings present in the UI ;-). In practice, however, it does not work (or, at least, I was unable to make it work) with KAV7 at all, while with WKS6 it does more-or-less work (just gets crazy in a couple of weeks and requires "reapply settings"). I've set up a support request for the case, waiting for a reasonable answer so far...
  3. Внесение хоста Oracle в доверенную зону помогает. Но это же неправильно! Анти-хакер должен предъявить пользователю заблокированные пакеты и пользователь должен иметь возможность разрешить только нужный трафик.
  4. Oh, really? You mean, excluding pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys from the backup disqualifies a disaster recovery plan? Are you working with clustered servers (and Kaspersky on them) then 8-)?
  5. С UltraVNC 1.0.2 у WKS та же беда. Надо что-то менять...
  6. Well, so far: I've uninstalled the "Kaspersky NDIS driver" in the connection properties and the network is operational now (just unchecking the driver for a network adapter affects only this one so when I unchecked it for WiFi my LAN was still failing; an alternative to "uninstall" would be unchecking the driver for all adapters one-by-one). However, some tell that their situation is quite opposite: their network was broken without this driver and it was the driver that made things work: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...ndpost&p=304717, this message is in Russian. There also exists a FAQ item about KAV6 (not KIS!) and Outpost: http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=193239370 (in English); I did not apply the instructions, however. Currently a member of the development team asks some questions but no "official" recommendations yet.
  7. I'll put summary here when something reasonable appears in the russian thread.
  8. Oh, really? I thought that until official launch (April 02 AFAIK) it is still in beta status (or at least not expected to be dealt with by techsupport) so I am sorry for misposting ;-/.
  9. WXPPro SP2, Intel Centrino, 2200BG + Intel driver and application (package, Outpost Firewall 3.51, MS VirtualPC 2004. KAV WKS rus had been installed ("anti-virus features only"), everything had worked. I removed the old KAV keeping every setting that was available for keeping, installed KAV WKS rus (custom, chose only the components corresponding to "anti-virus only", i.e. did not install anti-hacker, anti-spam, anti-phishing, also excluded admin connector). KAV worked fine after reboot but Intel PROSet/Wireless told that there were no supported network adapters. In the list of wireless connection's services there was present "Kaspersky NDIS driver" or smth like this (cannot tell if it was there with version The only way to make network connection operational again (besides uninstalling KAV) was to uncheck this NDIS driver (the network management applications froze, though) and reboot. After reboot the network was fine; sometimes it was possible to "check the NDIS driver back on" and keep network operational until reboot; sometimes the network tools hung after checking instead. All KAV setups were made locally and standalone, without adminkit.
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