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  1. Nice! So simple... It worked! Thanks for the help!
  2. New server, new OS. Restore the backup and the problem persists... I can't do backup if I use the task in Administration Console. The same error as before.
  3. no, everything worked fine. I have a new server working. Gone try the backup now...
  4. hi, OS: Windows Server 2003 KAS: 10.4.343 I've made a backup using backup utility (klbackup.exe) and all worked fine. Now I'm going to restore it...
  5. Hi, I wanted to migrate our old server with KSC 10 to a new machine and to my understanding I have to make a backup. The thing is when I do one it says: "System error 0x52E (Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.)" I've removed the "Inherit settings from Administration...." and the result is the same. Can you please help?
  6. Everything works now! Updated plug-ins, Agent and Policy and it works now. Thanks a lot for your help!
  7. Starting utility 'klnagchk'... Checking command line options...OK Initializing basic libraries...OK Current computer is '***********\F13' Network Agent version is '10.3.407 (a; b )' Reading the settings...OK Settings verification...OK Network Agent settings: Administration Server address: 'marsupial.***********' Use SSL connection: 1 Compress traffic: 1 Numbers of the Administration Server SSL ports: '13000' Numbers of the Administration Server ports: '14000' Use proxy server: 0 Administration Server certificate: available Open UDP port: 1 Numbers of UDP ports: '15000' Synchronization interval (min): 15 Connection timeout (sec): 30 Send/receive timeout (sec): 180 Host ID: 0c88a678-0533-4d50-98f6-8f10be8b092b Attempt to connect to the Administration Server...OK Attempt to connect to the Network Agent...OK Network Agent is running Receiving the Network Agent statistical data...OK Network Agent statistical data: Total number of synchronization requests: 65 The number of successful synchronization requests: 64 Total number of synchronizations: 0 The number of successful synchronizations: 0 Date/time of the last request for synchronization:09-06-2017 15:49:50 GMT (09-06-2017 16:49:50) Deinitializing basic libraries...OK
  8. There were some open, but now all closed. Still no luck...
  9. Done! One more thing: I can populate tasks to my clients! But apparently not the policy... Thanks
  10. Perhaps policy > Advanced Settings > Application Settings > Operating mode > Settings > Allow group tasks to be displayed Try it because I cannot change my policies (case being analysed!: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=371926)
  11. Sorry! That was what I want to say but somehow I copy the text from the other option.
  12. What if disable "Scan attached archives" in Mail Anti-Virus? I made some test with my environment and it worked fine. No rename! My installation is out of the box...
  13. Hi, I've uppdated to KES SP2 and from that day on I cannot update policy. I created a new policy and even so I cannot sen the configs to the client computers. I was wondering if that's because of the profile activating rule. I wanted to create a rule to apply to all computers and came up with a tag rule. If a machine has a tag "workstation", it should apply my policy but I think it didn't... If you go to machine in KSC it says the policy is active but no effects. Also the KAV in the machine it doesn't say (like the last version): your working under a plicy See print screen if you please. Thanks
  14. Hi, I'm having the same error sporadically on a single computer. Affects all browsers but disabling protection and enabling the issue disappears. Version Kaspersky Endpoint Security mr3 Do you have any updates on the issue? Thanks
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