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I am trying your evaluation copy of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0.


My problem is that I keep getting a sporadic error from Outlook that states:


"Task 'DSL - Receiving' reported error (0x800CCC0F) : 'The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'"


I appear to be getting all of my EMail but the spradic error happens continually throughout the day and is very annoying.


Outlook must periodically poll my ISP for Email & downloads it. Sometimes I get the Email with no errors and other times I get the error. Very sporadic but always on the receiving and never on the send (but don’t send that much). Seems to happen more often when Outlook polls and there is no Email to download.


I have had Kaspersky installed for three days now and Outlook worked fine prior to that. I also installed Zone Alarm Pro 6.5.737.000 at the same time. Prior to that I had Norton System Works and SpySweeper. I uninstalled Norton using a product from their website that should have removed all evidence of their product and I uninstalled SpySweeper using Add/Remove programs.



XP Pro SP2

Outlook 2003

ZoneAlarm Pro 6.5.737.000

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0

BitDefender 8 (free edition scanner)


This is on my PC on a 3 PC network using a DSL Router and Verizon is my ISP

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Hi FreddyG & welcome


Would you please try this:


Uninstall ZA, Kaspersky and BitDefender with a reboot, enable XP firewall if your router does not have a FW, then do this:


1. Go through all these steps to make Norton is completely removed:http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=5233, please do all step in the order described, even the tool you already used, you can do it in safemode for maximum thoroughness.


2. Download KisKav6Remove.zip.


2. Make a folder called Kav 6.0 on the desktop and unzip KisKavRemove into this, , reboot into safemode and run the tool (doubleclick on "avp_remove.cmd" for the 6.0 tool). This only works if you have installed Kis/Kav in the default location with Windows!


Reboot into normalmode and try to run the System File Checker (sfc.exe), this will scan all protected Windows files to verify their versions have not been overwritten or damaged, and if so will replace the compromised version with a fresh copy.


To run it, click Start/Run and type 'sfc.exe /scannow' (without the quotes but with the space between the 'e' and the '/').


Alternatively, you can click start/Run and type in CMD and click O.K., when the black window opens type in "sfc /scannow".


You will need to insert your Windows CD into the drive to enable sfc to effect the repair. Sfc.exe will just stop without any other sign than the statusbar is gone!


No try to install Kaspersky 6.0 (& only this to begin with), see if this helps and post back.

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I have also been in contact with ZoneAlarm regarding their product and they suggested the following:

"Yes, there is a possibility of a food fight between Zone Alarm and Kaspersky. The newer versions of Kaspersky have a 'worm protection' option as part of the AV application. Effectively this is a partial firewall that blocks certain 'known' ports used by worms. If your Kaspersky has such an option, turn it off. Zone Alarm will protect you against worms and in this case more protection is not better. Also make sure in your Zone Alarm Program Control > Programs you've granted the Kaspersky program 'Send Mail' privileges as well as 'access' in both zones. "


I tried to find information on "worm" in you Help but had no luck.


Is there something I have to turn off in Kaspersky that is interferring with ZoneAlarm that may be causing Outlook to timeout???


Please note that the error is very sporadic and only happens on receiving EMail. If I hit the Send/Receive 10 times I may get the error 5 times on the receive - never on the send. Also it seems to happen when I have on EMail to download, for example if I hit the Send/Receive 10 times in a row.

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There is no option like that in your version, there will be in future versions, but they have to be enabled.

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