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  1. Why would I turn off ALL notifications ? I do want to see notifications, just not the same one every 3 seconds. Hmm, disable scanning encrypted sites, thats really bad idea. I do want sites to be scanned, isnt that the whole point of internet security ? Noone explained to me, why does the site work, but when I press "Go back", Kaspersky prevents me from accessing it EVER again. Read that sentence again, so you understand it, because I think you dont, because you call it "not BIG" issue. Did you read my post at all ? I said it happens on EVERY site. How can you suggest adding sites to exception list ? Should I add EVERY site on the internet to the exception list ? I cant believe somebody would suggest it with serious tone. Thats laughable. Basically, you and the admins are advocating for turning off major features as a solution to my problems. Is this how you solve all problems with Kaspersky ? "It doesnt work properly", "Turn it, off" approach. I am not going to contact tech support, because I dont care at this point. If Kaspersky cannot even put one simple constraint on windows pop up, I cant even imagine how horrible the code base must be. The only reason I posted here was to voice my dissatisfaction with this software. I gave you concise reason, why I hate this SW. Either you are going to adress or you will tell people that its problem caused by "their configuration". How is window pop up every 3 seconds caused by my configuration ? That makes no sense at all. I have never interfered with anything in system. The product should work as is and shouldnt require customer to turn off MAJOR features, if it does require, then it is horrible product. Kaspersky should return the money back and make some serious improvements to its source code.
  2. Hmm, blocking website FOREVER is not BIG issue ? Every 3 second window pop up is not BIG issue ?Completely cutting off my internet connection issue is not BIG issue ? Wow, I wish my customers would have as low standarts as you.
  3. Okay, lets play this game of hot potato. I had three very distinct issues. The notifications super annoying spamming, literally every 3 second pop up saying that Kaspersky cannot update himself. Why cant you put time limit on how frequent the pop up can be ? Why is it so hard to explicitly prohibit reoccuring pop up window ? You can put simple condition and it will take care of it. The second issue, which is completely different, WHY does Kaspersky block website after ot deemed it safe ? AND Why does it give me option to ignore it, but then the site still doesnt work. I intalled Avast and it doesnt have the same issue. Why ? If its an issue on my configuration, why does not Avast have the same issue ? Third issue is that I wasnt able to simply remove it from my OS and not only that, Kaspersky blocked my internet and I had to hard reset my Pc. I used this software for couple of hours and I encountered three different issues, thats a sign of really horrible software.
  4. Truth hurts. Unless I get an apology and my money back, I will remain vulgar and horrible. Imagine you buy something and it doesnt work properly, in fact not only it doesnt work, but it is preventing me from doing my work. Should I be nice to the people who created it ? Hell, no. As I said, this is not kindergarden. These people took our money and gave us this worthless piece of software. Explain to me, why is website that is evaluated as "safely accesible", evaluated as "not safe", when I press "Go back" in my browser. This doesnt make ANY sense, whatsover. Why does Kaspersky prevent me from accessing the site EVER again. I am not joking here, I was not able to access the website EVER AGAIN. I had to use different browser or restart the old one. Horrible, horrible piece of software.
  5. You should forward this to your devs, if you truly care about Kaspersky. I am not going to do it, because I dont care about your company. I just wanted product that WORKS and DOESNT DO ILLOGICAL STUFF (viz my second post). This product is so awful, I cant even believe you have the nerve to ask MONEY for this product. You lost me and my dad as customers and you will lose more. If you had the human decency, which you probably dont, you would at least apologize, in the name of your company, for your shi*ty product and return the money. And the final straw, is that I couldnt even uninstall this trash of software. It just blocked my connection, haha. I would rather have computer full of viruses than having Kaspersky, at least the viruses are quiet and dont block EVERY website that I press "GO back" on.
  6. I already got this awful software out of the computer. Can one of you "admins" give me answers to my questions from my second post ? If I offended you and/or your devs, good, because this is not kindergarden and you are charging money for this awful piece of software. I am not "free" to change the software. We paid for this horrible thing. We want our money back.
  7. Explain to me, the logic of Kaspersky program. I visited the website once and Kaspersky allowed me, WHY is the website magically "not okay" after just pressing "Go back" button ? What has changed ? Pressing "Go back" button in your browser, suddenly makes the site unsafe ?? And if so, why is it okay to access it via different browser ? Explain to me, how is this logically consistent. Edit: And WHY I cant ignore the warnings of the Kaspersky even if its giving me the choice ? I press YES and I still CANT go on the website. And also, software should be Plug and play ready. I am not going to be happy, if I have to waste my precious time, going through your documantation and forums to tweak DEFAULT settings and hope it will work. This is truly horrible design and whoever is responsible for horrible design, is by my definition, horrible in what he is doing.
  8. Hello all, recently my dad bought new laptop and gave me his "old" one. By no means my laptop is old, my dad just wants to have endgame laptopst. My dad is paying for this Kaspersky software, so naturally I kept it installed in mine, lets give it a shot. Basically I created this account, just to vent my frustration with this horrible piece of software. This is by far the worst software I have ever used ever and I am programmer, so I have used hundreds of different softwares of most flavours. Here I am going to list the issues, that really made me HATE this software. 1. I tried to use my laptop offline, but Kaspersky was interrupting me EVERY 3 seconds with notification, that it cannot update itself. Why. the f, I have to be reminded EVERY 3 GODDAMN SECONDS ? 2. When I visit ANY website and I mean ANY and I press Go back button, I can no longer access that website again with that browser. This piece of s*** software is telling me that, there is something wrong with the certificate, then it asks me if I want to visit the site anyway, I press YES, but still I CANT f access it. So, then I leave the website completely and I try to access it again. BOOOM ! I CANT! I CANT EVER VISIT THE WEBSITE AGAIN !! What I have to do, is use different browser or restart the old browswer. HOW ANNOYING, I CANT EVEN EXPRESSS. It makes no sense, why is the site OKAY on first visit, but then its NEVER OKAY ??? 3. When I play chess on lichess.org and I press New game after finishing previous game. AGAIN THE CERTIFICATE BS. And I can never visit lichess.org ever again. 4. I tried to uninstall this HORRIBLE SOFTWARE, but it failed. Instead it blocked my internet connection and got stuck at 5% for next two hours. Bottomline, I cant even believe you are charging MONEY for this. Your devs are absolutely HORRIBLE and should be fired immediatly. I never got so frustrated with software before and I WORK WITH SOFTWARE 10-14 hours/day. Please, do something else, this is really really bad software.
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