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  1. Same here, on Windows 10 (1803), even on the admin (non supervised) account.
  2. Same kind of issue here. It seems it stalls at some point (3%, 11%?) and never finish a full scan... and I cannot stop the full scan on the GUI. I have a MBA with Mojave.
  3. Are you guys using fully updated KIS 19 versions? Meaning with patch B? What kind of issues are you running into? I have been waiting for an upgraded version of my OEM KIS from my French ISP. The latest version is version 16 and it was frequently freezing my MacBook Air and come to be not compatible with macOS Mojave. Version 19 should be released anytime soon and I hope it fixes the former issues. Best AF
  4. So there is a "patch B" out there? Maybe you should try restarting the computer if ever it has to do with the patch B you seem to have. No release notes to be seen yet (some languages are not listing the patch A neither, others do: https://support.kaspersky.com/fr/14580)
  5. Hi, Thanks for your reply The provider is saying that they are waiting on Kaspersky. Best, AF
  6. Hopefully someone from staff can answer me. Thanks.
  7. Here there are two versions you can choose from: https://www.kaspersky.com/downloads/thank-you/internet-security
  8. Hi, I am a subscriber of KIS through my ISP. For macOS, it is still only proposing KIS 16. My ISP is saying that Kaspersky is saying that it should be released anytime soon, but it has been saying so for weeks. Do you know when OEM KIS 19 for macOS will be released? OEM KIS 19 for Windows has been available since early July. Best AF
  9. Great. Release notes are yet to be updated. Hopefully, Orange releases its version now.
  10. Hi, Has it been released yet? The release notes haven’t been updated so far... (waiting for an OEM version).
  11. Thanks for listening Kaspersky! https://support.kaspersky.com/14561
  12. Hi, I just noticed that KIS 19 has been released for macOS. Do you know when it will be released for OEM partners? I'm using KIS through Orange in France which publishes as "Suite de sécurité Orange" and which is still at version 16 for macOS (where as since early July it has been updated to version 19 for Windows). Best, AF
  13. Hi, I already did it but support wanted to remote access my computer to do some tests but during working hours... I could not be available so they closed the case and it has not been corrected since then.
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