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  1. Hey, i think kaspersky might be interfering with my laptop's power options since it doesn't goes to sleep/suspend unless i do it myself. Besides, after i suspend him, he doesn't hibernate after a few hours. Before i installed kaspersky today, he was doing all that automatically like he's supposed to. It's not really a big deal, but has anyone been experiencing that too? Maybe it's an update issue idk
  2. Hi guys. I have a question. Im wondering if a computer infected with virus can infect any account that i open in it, like facebook, or origin, or my e-mail, etc. Lets suppose i have a virus in my computer without knowing and there's a lot of accounts that i use there daily; i find out eventually about that virus and i repair my computer. With my computer now repaired and clean, is there a chance that the previous virus found a way to infect my accounts and the computer gets infected again as soon as i open them?
  3. There's no files in my quarantine folder, it's empty. I also ran a scan and everything was okay, no threats detected. Also the objects were detected on a website to watch movies and tv shows online and the pop-ups/adds are a constant. Maybe kaspersky was just warning me of their existence but couldn't avoid them. Maybe all it did was block the malicious part of them that was trying to get in my laptop? - That could explain why a transfer was blocked as soon as the object was detected. I have actually no idea what I'm saying tho, i'm a new user and i don't understand a lot of things. I'm just making guesses and hoping for the best.
  4. Hi guys. First of all I'm from Portugal so my kaspersky is in another language, so sorry for that. I've been noticing that in my detailed reports (relatórios detalhados), when i go to detected objects (objetos detetados) as you can see in the first picture, there's a lot of detected objects that can't be disinfected (objeto detetado não pode ser desinfetado). But when i go to all events (todos os eventos) also in the detailed reports as you can see in the second picture, after i receive a notification of each object being detected, i also receive a message saying a transfer with the same characteristics as the object has been blocked (transferência bloqueada). So is my laptop safe? Did kaspersky really block the objects or it wasn't able to disinfect them? I'm not sure if i made my point clear but thank you in advance.
  5. Now that's weird... I've seen other people suggesting that too, thank you! I'll try it next time i have the problem.
  6. I'm having some issues too but mostly while updating. Can you send me the link that you found of KIS 18?
  7. Hi. I have kaspersky internet security 2019 installed on my laptop and i've been experiencing some update issues. The first time it happened, the update stopped at 100% and it wouldn't finish so i solved the problem by rebooting my laptop. Then i checked kaspersky application and it was already updated. Today the same thing happenned, but the update got stuck at 86%. Did someone else already experience this issue or know how to fix it?
  8. Hello. I'm using kaspersky internet security 2018 and I was wondering if it can run along with kaspersky virus removal tool or if i have to shut down the first one in order to run a scan on my laptop with the second one. Thank you for your attention.
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