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  1. Hello, I am using KSC 10.4.343, whit KES, after the update. But I still have the same problem as the corporate firm. Attached image of the configuration of the policy for KES 10. I realized that the emails are written in html, and the signature does not come out, but when I write them in "Enriched Text" if it comes out. When I unmask the KES then I get both options. This has me Headless !!! : '( My PC has Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64 bit. Excuse my English, is that my language is Spanish
  2. It does not help, but I mount a virtual PC and install the KSC 10 and if you let me put the signature. Now the question is because in my PC it does not leave, and it only leaves when I remove the KSC.
  3. Hola, tengo un servidor KSC version 10.4.343 sobre windows server 2016 64 bit. Ademas instale la consola web en la version La cual se instalo correctamente pero al intentar acceder me da el error de la imagen adjunta.
  4. No. As the only one returns to show the signature is uninstalling it. Also try to see if closing the application worked, but neither. If you can test on your PC, create a profile in Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 or 2010 and try to create a signature to see if the same thing happens to me. Thanks again, and thank you for following me to my problem
  5. Just the last or this case.... In my company we do not use any plugins or anything weird. Only in the configuration of the outlook account we configure the signature with one image of the company and the name of the user. And with KES installed you set it, but when you open a new mail does not appear, and when you return to that configuration is not either. And i dont know why!!! Try to disable several components to the KES, but still the same, do not let put the signature
  6. Thanks Konstantin Antonov for your reply. I have another doubt that I would like you or someone else to help me. Already migrated to the KSC version 10.4.343 and the clients for the verion of KES But the problem that I am presenting with that version is that it does not allow to put the corporative signature in the Microsoft Office Outlook in any of the versions. As soon as the KES was removed, the signature appeared in the mail. What its the problem whit that? Thanks
  7. Why do you say that version of KES is not supported? If it works perfectly, but also as I say, all PCs are updated well, except the last ones I had to reinstall. Another problem is that when I install KES, then it does not let me use the corporate mail signature in Microsoft Outlook If the real problem was that you tell me, then the rest of the PCs will not be updated either. Thanks for your reply, but does not help me.
  8. Thanks Evgeny_E for your response. The only problem is that the new PCs added to the KSC are not updated correctly and always show the message of "Obsolete Databases", the rest of the PCs that already exist are updated perfectly The KSC server version is 10.2.434, running on Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit. The client PCs are on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, with KES or KES But I remind you that it only happens with the new PCs added to the KSC, the previous ones are updated well.
  9. Hello everyone, I have installed in my organization KSC 10.2.434 administration serving about 79 computers. The problem is that lately when I had to reinstall a PC and add them, these are not updated antivirus, but to those that already exist if they are updated well. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, but it is still not updated. Please help me
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