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  1. Apologise for what? Your reply was irrelevant to me, it made no sense, I am sorry if you feel offended but try and put that to one side and simply ask yourself why this product is not doing what it claims to do? If this is how Kaspersky addresses issues with its product, then all I can say is "bye bye Kaspers." The point still stands, when signing into the UK servers, then showing up as being in New York clearly shows there is a problem. Please read the advertising for this product. Now unless you have anything of any use to add, something that will actually address the issues I am experiencing then I feel it would be best to say nothing at all. It not my fault this product does not work as claimed,
  2. No Idea what the above post is meant to imply!!! I have the latest paid version of "Secure" Connection ver, Info sniper now reports the connection as being in the UK, but websites such as the BBC, Independent, etc seem to think differently. So Basically all I am paying for is to hide my own IP address and should websites like the BBC etc conclude that I am using a VPN.. they can deny services which I would have if not using the VPN? As for security, my email addresses will not tolerate me using Secure Connection to sign in, or will my bank, Amazon etc demand that I use an access code which they email to me, which in turn means, I have to disconnect the vpn to get the code from my email to sign in, BBC.co.uk, should not be BBC.com if signed into the UK, independent newspaper website should not refer me to the USA site. Has Secure Connection been blacklisted by UK websites?.. nothing seems to work and if one is only paying to hide ones "real" IP address then whatever country one signs into would be irrelevant. Cant say I can recommend this product as its not doing what I thought it would and should do,
  3. Sign into United Kingdom but all IP checks show as NEW York USA? Are there any fixes for this or is secure connection not able to do what it claims to do?
  4. I managed to do what was asked here,, even had an email saying it was all fixed,,, It isnt... it is in exactly the same state as is was yesterday,,, unusable,, How about offering a refund to those who wish one? I woud settle for 50% refund to get rid of Kaspersky secure connection,,, its causing too many problems with my internet conncection and know there are better hassle free secure vpns to be had elsewhere,,, I felt seduced into buying this.. it was a sales ploy and once the money is taken,, who cares about this that and the other??? Seriously unimpressed.
  5. Update, have made a request for technical help and sent the info requested as instructed above Since disabling KSC my PC now connects to the internet automatically as it should. Hope Kaspersky can sort this out via an update. Private tunnel is a very good and very fair vpn imho and had Kaspersky not try to wow me with a vpn whose provider is located in the one country where laws mean absoultely nothing I would have stayed with PT, but it looked all nice and shiny and new thought why not give it go and simply trusting Kaspersky brand only to find out this that and the other about the people they do this with. If changes are to made with the Kaspersky Secure Connection please get a provider that is outside of the USA, plenty of other options available.
  6. 24hours later and its still a pile of junk that is messing with my pc,,, this pc should connect automatically to the internet but it does not, I asked how one sends the relevant stuff to Kaspersky is asking for, and there is nothing in any post/reply Following the steps outlined on the previous page simply brings me to a point where i need to enter a number to send the files,,, I DONT have a number to put in the box,, nor do I know how i go about getting one,, and it is just assumed that others are tech savvy. I am not.. It is all good up to the point actually sending Kaspersky the files they are requesting,,, I am going to ditch kaspersky as soon as the licence runs out,,, cant have this nonsense,, secure conncetion is a oxymoron. I will go back to private tunnel for my vpn needs and plenty of choice anti virus wise. I expected at least to see a response detailing how to send Kas the actual files they are asking for,,, and nothing,,, well done!
  7. The only thing that has been fixed is the limit on the free version is now going and already almost expiring... i think the issues may be with subscriptions i keep getting told by secure connection no active subscriptions after signing in,,, go to my kaspersky and it says I have a valid subscription. If I knew how to jump through the hoops requested I would so hope someone reading this who is more tech savvy than I send Kaspers the info they need,
  8. I have done the above and nothing works,, I cant send the information to Kaspers as I dont have a number for this issue. Today I uninstalled then reinstalled Kaspersky total security,, and the problem was still present. I sign out of my kaspersky and all was and was able to make a secure connection through the "free" vpn service,,, I noticed that i was not being metered on my connection to germany and used it all afternoon with 0kb of 200MB used. Saw this thread,, waited to see if there is a solution and afraid there doesnt seem to be any way of doing what was being instructed.. I am not that tech minded but was able to follow the instructions as far as the sending the info to kaspersky... Anyway,,, it still isnt working after trying the work around supplied above. when clicking on subscription,, it says no active subscription,,, go to my kaspersky, clicked "devices" then secure connection and got this in orange font,, "Updating information... Please check your Internet connection and try again later " its been like that all day and no problem with internet connection only Kasperksy secure internet connection",,, As said no really tech savvy and would sooner this was fixed automatically via an update than have to jump through hoops,, not at all pleased about the sharing of data that is being banded around.
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