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  1. Hi all I installed the KFA 2019 version before i used ver. 2018. I noticed that in the new version (2019), it is no longer possible to configure the global file and web protection settings (in version 2018 it was possible, there were much more detailed settings, ports, ichecker etc.). The only thing i can configure is the level of protection (max., optimal, minimal) but in KFA 2019 i doesnt show which level of protection is currently active. Im surprised and especially very disappointed. Personally, its a huge jump backward for me
  2. Hi all Short question Kaspersky free have a protection against cryptocoin mining websites or eventually detects these unwanted embedded scripts? thanks for info
  3. Hi all yes same here. I uninstalled Kaspersky and installed again, an orange window with an outdated database warning has disappeared but the database release date is still old and there is probably a problem somewhere
  4. Hi all Short question. Language localization will be offered via auto/manual update process or we must installer download again? thanks for info
  5. I would try to change the default installation path to install Firefox and if u have (copy existing profile to new location) or created new profile change path in profiles.ini file for ex.: IsRelative=0 (change to 0, default is 1) Path=C:\Firefox\Profiles\profile_name
  6. Hi Dartz if is regedit hard to use still u can use some free software for ex. Wise plugin manager for turning on/off or removing browser plug-ins, add-ons and extensions. Try it
  7. Hi Dartz hmm so sad to hear this (ff extension dont work). If you mean remove Kaspersky protection icon from ff then you can open registry editor regedit.exe and find this string " light_firefox_plugin " be aware look at correct path (where is Kaspersky installed) and remove all these strings restart comp and Kaspersky extension icon dissapeared from ff.
  8. Hi Dartz hmm looks strange. 1. here you have version Kaspersky Internet security 16.0.1. 445 what u mentioned from filehippo ~ 2. Maybe you must reinstall your Firefox. Try some steps and let us know whether something changed or whether it works pls
  9. ok np you are welcome maybe u have some other security software installed which may maybe block or dont allow install extensions into web browsers for ex. Comodo firewall is one of them
  10. hmm dont know why some viruses maybe? Anyway u can check your settings in Advanced settings of Web Anti-Virus tab look at picture
  11. if u cant find Kaspersky protection extension for firefox u can download from here https://uploadfiles.io/wsi03 i uploaded it from my Kaspersky installation folder
  12. Hi Dartz try look to Kaspersky install folder and find FFExt directory there is subdir light_firefox_plugin with addon.xpi file its a firefox extension of Kaspersky protection u can install from ff manually
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