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  1. Everything checks out as you described. KIS is live and the firewall is on. I don`t get the "Windows Firewall and KIS is turned off" notification anymore. I think the problem is in the Windows Notification Center too, because this happened before. Thanks, I think all is good now.
  2. I am running KIS version 19.0.0 WD Network and Service is stopped, but not WD Firewall. I did not notice the other 2 were stopped.
  3. After bringing up System Configuration, I can disable WD from the start up tab. (It is called Windows Security Notification). But, in the Services tab of System Configuration, I cannot disable WD because it only allows to disable all or enable all. I cannot disable just WD. It also says some Microsoft services cannot be disabled.
  4. I keep getting a notification on Windows 10 stating Windows Firewall and KIS is turned off. It looks like Microsoft has over ridden KIS with their Windows Defender again. When I go to Windows Security, I cannot turn KIS Antivirus and Firewall back on. Even in the Task Manager, I cannot turn Windows Defender off. It will not allow it to be turned off. Can Windows Defender and KIS work together? If I can just stop the notification that keeps saying that KIS is turned off, I am OK with that. (KIS is really not turned off when I open KIS.)
  5. Should I be using the On-Screen Keyboard every time I am entering log- in usernames and passwords, or any sensitive info? I am asking because I am wondering if a couple of accounts I have were compromised from key logging. Does KIS detect key loggers automatically? I don`t really think those two accounts I have were compromised by error on my end. I believe those websites have an open back door that hackers are exploiting. My Amazon email and Steam account email was changed by someone.
  6. I use Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Whenever protected browser is opened, the protected browser is opened in Internet Explorer browser. I want the protected browser to open with Microsoft Edge. I cannot find in the Safe Money or KIS settings to change the default browser to Edge. Can you guide me to where it is in the settings?
  7. Whenever I open protected websites, Safe Money opens them on Internet Explorer. Can I change it so that Safe Money opens the websites the websites I want protected on Microsoft Edge, and still be protected?
  8. I am having the same problem. so I posted here. The option to turn Windows Defender off and turn KIS on is grayed out. Therefore I keep getting a message that both Windows Firewall and KIS is turned off. Also when I open Windows Defender Security Center, I cannot click on any setting in that window. It will close itself in about 15 seconds. It seems Microsoft is over riding this so we cannot use third party anti-virus apps. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file=b6a8813858d32a8fcf09da20b393036f
  9. Okay, thank you. I guess in my case it is missing or corrupted game files after I re-installed the game. Ubisoft wants me to manually enter the values for the game server in port forwarding on my router. I just wanted to make sure that it is`nt KIS that closed the port.
  10. I was asked by Ubisoft (game provider) to enter new Port Forwarding on my Comcast Gateway. Ubisoft says I may be missing some and could be why the game plays poorly. I have`nt yet figured out how to do port forwarding but, my question is, does Kaspersky close or block any ports it deems unsafe? Where can I see in Kaspersky, any game ports that were blocked or restricted?
  11. I noticed in my Task Manager that KIS Anti-Virus Service is using 157MB of memory. This is using about 48 to 50 percent of my memory. I think that is too much. Is it normal? Can it be reduced? I had SpyBot, and it did`nt use any where near the amount of memory that KIS is using. And no scan or download was running as far as I know.
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