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  1. Also if you run into any licensing issues, you can contact support via my.kaspersky.com
  2. You can find them all here http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/ So for instance if you are looking for KIS2018 ; http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/english/homeuser/kis2018/
  3. Again, web antivirus will work regardless if the extension is installed or not. It is used for url advisory only (in google searches for instance).
  4. No the extension is for url advisory, the web antivirus will still function regardless. You can always safely test if it's working or not here: http://www.eicar.org/85-0-Download.html
  5. I dont have it installed and it protects me just fine. It's mostly used for url advisory anyway, which I find completely useless.
  6. Oh wow I didn't know partedmagic went non-free .. I better make a backup of my copy then before I scratch the disc Well in that case, Ultimate Boot CD will be my go-to tool now.
  7. I personally use the free PartedMagic to wipe drives such as ssd's (secure erase) and hdd's. Everything will be overwritten with zeroes so you can be sure that no file will be recoverable.
  8. It probably want you to register the app on my.kaspersky.com - It takes 1 minute to do so. Also there's no remote management in the free version unfortunately, but you don't need it as you already said. Anyway I'm sure the nag will go away once you register and login via More Tools > Protection for all devices.
  9. That's what I did and it's working without issues so far.
  10. http://www.zdnet.com/article/privacy-group-accuses-hotspot-shield-of-snooping-on-web-traffic/
  11. Defender can be completely disabled if you want to. I personally use Winaero Tweaker to turn it off (be careful not to mess with all the other stuff if you don't know what the effect will be). And if you don't disable it, then yes, installing Kaspersky *should* disable Defender as well, but only so so. "Defender Security Center" will still be running and so will the cloud stuff.
  12. I'm not sure it would be practical with such a feature. Computer would turn off while doing work or other stuff. You can however make it shut down after a manual scan. [Scan > Full scan]
  13. Did anyone try to disable Kaspersky self-defense, reboot and then enable it again? That fixed it for me. I'm not getting the restart message anymore.
  14. Hello, please take a look here: https://d1srlirzdlmpew.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/92/2017/07/26050217/Pasted-image-at-2017_07_26-11_51-AM.png It will show you when Kaspersky Free will be available in your region (and language support as well).