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  1. imgburn has adware (and quite possibly spyware) injected. If you download .......... and disable auto updates in the program, you will have no adware/spyware.
  2. I'm wondering what the difference is between this and KAV, aside from more user logging? Is it more automated? Kaspersky doesn't answer this in any of their promotional videos. It does look like you have the same controls as you have in KAV FREE 2018, compared to 2019 (which is full of paywalls). But other than that, I have no clue what the difference would or should be.
  3. Yes of course! I do however recommend that once you install it - Run a full complete scan. Not only will this scan every single file on your computer for threats, it will also speed up your computer because it doesn't have to scan every single file again when running in the background.
  4. You need to login to my kaspersky via the program. So for instance you have 2 installs of KIS, 1 install on your phone. All will work
  5. Rootkit scan is running at the lowest priority. So if you open notepad for instance, notepad will take priority. So if you use your pc while the scan is running, it will take longer. Windows, by default, will run all kinds of tasks in the background and will push the rootkit scan back.
  6. Yes, the 2019 (GDPR) edition does have system watcher. 2018 does not. Yes they are equal, however with the free version (2019, GDRP) you have no control over protection modules. You do in 2018. However if you previously had a paid subscription to KAV, you can just import those settings (if you exported them) and it'll work the same. I'm not sure if they are going to patch that out. But for now it works. ^ Definition of a paywall. Apparently it also have network attack blocker, but no firewall. Not sure how that one works .....
  7. From personal experience, rootkit scans will run every 24h. If you ask me, that's far too often. Of course it depends on your usage. A full scan will also scan for rootkits so you can just schedule a full scan every week. I think that's far more doable. The first scan will always be slower because the program will build a database of your files, but all other scans will complete much faster.
  8. It's not necessary no. For added protection however, you can keep it on just fine.
  9. ^ Disinfect is also only for viruses, something we rarely see these days.
  10. Yes, only 1 firewall and only 1 antivirus / internet security product should be enabled, otherwise errors can and will happen in most cases.
  11. No problems here. It will ask you about detection's that it finds on your computer (clean, delete, ignore). It will automatically block malicious files on the internet. So far it's using the same settings that I prefer so that's good.
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