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  1. I think the international version takes priority (english), I got an update 2h after it was posted on the forums. I'm not sure how it works at all, so don't quote me on this
  2. Also would like to add that I chose Kasperaky because there's an option to ask me what to do when something is detected. Last time I used an antivirus that was completely automated, it deleted every single .zip and .rar file that I had on my backup drive due to a faulty definition update, and it didn't even throw them in quarantine. They were just gone. Forever. Years of work lost in an instant. It was Panda if anyone was wondering and it was well over 10 years ago. Basically if an antivirus or internet security suite doesn't have the option to ask me what to do, I don't use em. At all.
  3. If it's a driver issue, you'll need to uninstall and then reinstall Kaspersky. Make sure you export your settings first so you don't have to redo them again. Disabling self defense before restarting is also a must, just make sure you re-enable it again after the restart. Oh and of course, make sure that "retain license information" is checked as well, saves you the trouble of dealing with anti-piracy.
  4. Take AV testing with a grain of salt first of all. I picked KAV because it has the least impact on system performance for me.
  5. Ohh sorry, I don't use mac I really have no idea how it's supposed to work on a Mac either, it could be a local thing - Such as sending the file to the antivirus to scan, which then turns up as data in the monitor. But locally, not over the web. I just downloaded a bunch of files from random places for a total of 140mb and kav sent a total of 4.4kb.
  6. Yes you read the title correctly Kaspersky VirusDesk says the file is safe, yet KAV says it's not. I'm using standard safety settings if anyone was wondering. I'm aware it's a heuristics detection, but shouldn't I get the same result as VirusDesk?
  7. I'm guessing that would be the cloud protection - It basically sends hashes to kaspersky, which then checks if the file is whitelisted or not, and sends back a reply. Disabling it will lower performance and protection, but you can do so if you wish.
  8. You can't. It's either all on or all off. I prefer off, Kaspersky already have their own notifications anyway. Here's a screenshot of how much control you have over notifications in Windows 10, aka none.
  9. Yes you can completely disable protection of Kaspersky so that it only runs when you want to do manual scans, HOWEVER, it will still check internet connections unless you add everything to the ignore list. I was downloading a game, KAV (not KIS) was using 20-50% cpu for some reason, so I paused protection - Didn't do a thing. I then added steam to the list of trusted apps and made sure KAV would not check ports. That worked. However I bought KAV so I didn't have to deal with ports and firewalls, as I already have that in place, but apparently it still checks them - Even when set on pause.
  10. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/kaspersky-protection/eahebamiopdhefndnmappcihfajigkka It should automatically update to the latest version without telling you about it.
  11. Whenever I feel like it's time, so probably once a month or so. Also about the predicted time, it usually shows 18h to go - But in reality it finishes after about 6 minutes for 3 drives, which isn't bad at all.
  12. I wont perform scans when your computer is idle. That's all that setting does. Rootkit scans will still run however, unless you also disable that feature. You are still protected and you can still run full scans manually or schedule a scan whenever you want, they just wont initiate automatically anymore when your pc is idle.
  13. Just punch in your key. Full version after that.
  14. This works for me https://www.kaspersky.com/downloads/thank-you/internet-security-free-trial