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  1. Hello mrkapqa. I have never bothered with the "Never Install Updates". I seem to remember some reason not to do so that I read years ago, but I cannot remember the details. I think it was from a post on the Kaspersky forum. What I do is use is MozBackup to save my profile and add-ons etc. Then if Firefox does manage to update itself, removing Firefox and re-installing FF 56 and restoring the backup from MozBackup puts you back to before the upgrade to whatever the latest Firefox is.
  2. Hi everyone with this problem. I have Windows 7 with Firefox 56 and have found this works. In Kaspersky turn off Software Updater. In Firefox go to Tools - Settings - General and select "Check for updates but let you choose to install them". This seems to work if both Kaspersky and Firefox are set like this. Downside is frequent pop ups saying "Update now", just say no. Also message saying "Firefox is extremely out of date" across top of screen, but has a normal "X' to close message on right hand side of the screen. This is annoying but one click lets you continue without an update you don't want.
  3. T o stop Kaspersky Internet Security updating software automatically select Settings then Protection. Scroll down to Software Updater and turn it off. There will then be warnings about updates to various programs with the option to Install or Ignore. I should have checked this in the first place. To Mirosorio. Try reinstalling Firefox. On the Mozilla website it is possible to download earlier versions.
  4. I also have this problem. I have found a work around though. As soon as the message appears that Kaspersky is downloading Firefox, I unplug the modem. When I re-connect the modem Kaspersky says it cannot update Firefox and the update dialogue comes up and allows skipping this update. Cumbersome but prevents having to reload an older Firefox. In Firefox under tools, options, general (FF56) is an option "Never check for updates" and an option "Use a a background service to install updates". Even when these are set to No, Firefox and Kaspersky both try to update Firefox. It would be great if Kaspersky could permanently prohibit unwanted updates from any program as required.
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