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  1. Hi, i'm using KSC 10.5.1781 with Advanced license for 800 Workstation and i'm going to deploy kerio outlook connector ( on clients. but deployment task was suspended with switch "/s" and get a timeout error after 1 hour or completed with no result without switch and There is actually no installation. it will help to me if you get effective switch for silent install . Thank you,
  2. Hi, Does anyone know how to install Kerio outlook connector remotely from KSC? I tried with some command execution but it was unsuccessfully. Thank you
  3. Hi, I'm using version : KSC 10.5.1781.0 Patch a KES Thanks,
  4. Hi, I have a Domain Controller on Windows server 2016 . I had DNS Attack on this machine for a while and i cannot running windows update too. Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11.0 is running on this machine and Network Threat Protection is running but i hadn't any report from this attack, after that i tried to scan this server with KVRT latest update but i hadn't any result then i tried with AVZ utility and i had some logs like as (Back Orifice 2000) on DNS.exe port 54321 UDP . I attached the scan result. Does anyone have a particular idea or idea about not updating this server and this activity? Thank you avz_log 2019.01.02.txt
  5. Dear friend, you have 2 solutions. first one is you should to set public ip on your administration server and set port forwarding on your gateway from internet to KSC with 13292 tcp then you must to set your ip public in android KES package . second one is setup and configuration active sync on Exchange server and publish it on the internet then connect your phone from internet with sync mechanism . have a good time
  6. Hi i succeeded install with this command : /s /a /p EULA=1 /p PRIVACYPOLICY=1 Thank you,
  7. Dear Experts, i have a problem with security console 10.1 remote installation by KSC 10.5 SP3 on windows server 2012 R2 i tried some command line for remote install but it was unsuccessful. for example /s /p EULA=1 or /s EULA=1 /PRIVACYPOLICY=1 EULA=1 or /s /PRIVACYPOLICY=1 EULA=1 and ......... However, I tried a variety of commands. please advice to me Thank you,
  8. Hi i have an issue with device control with KES on some workstation randomly. i prohibited removable drive in device control policy but clients can open that. i tried to denied connection bus or removable drive Block or read and write limited. CD drive has same problem as other devices. Other policies work property, only device control is not working. KSC : 10.2.434 d Agent : 10.2.434 d KES : Windows 10 Notice: I couldn’t find NDIS 6.0 filter drive in network card properties and I couldn’t install that, I do not know this is irrelevant to the subject or not. doesn't need to NDIS driver in windows 10 ? is there any possible to install NDIS driver in windows 10 ? i was access denied to install NDIS .. Thank you
  9. Hi i want to know how can i restore deleted the attachment file from kaspersky security for mail exchange 9 backup repository ? there is no any option for restoring !! Unfortunately, anti-virus is one of the important files deleted from my inbox and I can not find the file in the storage. My OS is Server 2012 R2 KSE 9.1.42 exchange server 2013 hub transport, mailbox Thank you
  10. Hi, Dear evgeny thank you for your cooperation it mean i should 1 - run KSE Services with Domain administrator account ? 2 - configure our firewall in edge for KSN port ? i will check it and inform you. Thank you
  11. Hi please finde the logs file from under link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/m4nkmxb25mnzjjk/v...20LOGS.zip?dl=0 Thank you
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