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  1. Follow up:- I e-mailed Kaspersky yesterday and today got a reply, Barclays customers who had the free KIS can get a licence for £4.99, beware it resets to 1 year when activated so any days left are lost. They did send a link but I suspect it is specific to me so it might be better to e-mail them yourself if you want to take up the offer. Well done Kaspersky for a quick reply, for what it's worth I think Barclays are concentrating more on increasing profits than protecting customers, the free KIS was a drop in the ocean to them especially as they pay no interest on our current accounts.
  2. I've found this post on MSE Forums :- Kaspersky Renewal 8th Feb 18 at 12:22 PM I have just renewed my Kaspersky Internet Security. As a returning Barclays customer I was given a promotional price of £4.99p however just as I was about to leave the site I was offered a further 10% making the total payable of £4.49p. Which I consider excellent value for money for 12 months protection plus this is for 3 devices and for some unknown reason last year through Barclays it was only 2 devices. Although not free as I had last year it is still excellent value for money. Mike Swift
  3. Barclays Bank no longer offers a free 2 licence KIS quoting the stupid idea that as a Russian company it could be insecure, as if my current account would be of interest. I really like KIS and would like to continue with it, the offer price when I go to the renew page is reasonable, I've looked on the web and have seen a special offer of a £5.99 renewal for Barclays customers but can't find any other information. As a tight Yorkshireman this looks like a good offer, could anyone point me to where I could take advantage of it, that's if it actually does exist. Licence expires in 10 day so any information gratefully received. Mike Swift
  4. You just can't get away for Microsoft updates can you? Windows started haranguing me to update again so I let it, but this time after a bit of Googling I removed the VPN thing and switched off KIS and let it get on with the update. I had a look several hours later and it had updated and KIS seems to be working as usual.
  5. with Windows10 64 bit I've reverted to my previous Windows and KIS now works perfectly.
  6. I've just updated to 1803 and don't even have a red K and KIS will not run from screen icon. Under Virus and Threat Protection I get KIS is installed as an antivirus protector. KIS is snoozed and yor device may be unprotected. Open KIS clicking this results in a few seconds of spinning circle then nothing, Safe Money isn't working either HELP!!!
  7. 1 desktop PC, 2 Laptop PC's, Windows 10 on all, free Barclays banking license, self and wife are both Barclays customers. Previously I received 3 licenses from Barclays but this year I've only got 2 which is a bit of a problem with 3 computers. My wife has just signed up via her Barclays account to get 2 licenses in her own right, to keep things simple we would like to use one of hers on her laptop and use my 2 on my desktop and laptop. The problem is my code has been used on her laptop, is it possible to replace my code with hers and would this then release my code which I could then use on my laptop. A bit complicated but any help would be appreciated.
  8. That's what I thought, I can't honestly see the logic but what ho, cheers.
  9. I should probably be asking this of Barclays but on past experience I'll probably have a better chance of a sensible answer for the Kaspersky staff. For the past 4 or 5 years Barclays have supplied me with 3 yearly licenses to protect me while on line banking, these are used on the 3 devices in my household, I've applied for this years licenses and it appears that only 2 will be supplied. There is a way round this using my wife's Barclays account but as she doesn't do any on line banking it would be a bit of a faff. Have I got it wrong or are Barclays cutting down on costs by only paying for 2 licenses so they can increase staff bonuses
  10. I'm a bit thick as the update information from KIS 16 to 17 seems to suggest removing 16 first, is this so? Not got the Anniversary invite either but does kis contain patch B? Thanks in advance.
  11. I've just got my new licence code via Barclays Bank and the e-mail it came with is as obscure as the last three years so could someone confirm a couple of points for me. The e-mail says it's for KIS 2014 - 2015, I've got 2016, will it still work? It also says that if I enter it now I will lose the next month, in the past I've entered it early and KIS has waited until it expired before updating, is this still true? Thanks in advance
  12. Many thanks for your prompt reply, that's what I suspected but needed confirmation.
  13. After a successful Windows 10 update an unconnected program update totally wrecked my computer which is now at the repair shop as I couldn't cure it myself. I have a 3 unit KIS licence thanks to Barclays Bank, 1 is used on the broken computer, 1 is used on my son's laptop and 1 is spare. I have dug out an old compute to use while the main one is being repaired, as it's 4 years old the Kaspersky licence has obviously run out. I could use the spare licence but am worried that if the broken computer cant be repaired and needs a clean install I will not have a spare licence, would KIS remember my details from the broken computer or would it assume I'm still using the original one?, I have obviously used the same domain address on both systems. Many thanks in advance.
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