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  1. KTS for 5 devices or for 1 device?

    Ok, thank you. Michel
  2. KTS for 5 devices or for 1 device?

    Thank you for your help. I allready cancelled auto-renewal. I want to be sure that if I buy a license for 1 device, it will protect my desktop PC and my 2 Ipads ? Thank you Michel
  3. I have a license for KTS 5 devices. The license expire april 23th 2018. I have 1 desktop and 2 Ipads. I feel that I do not need a license for 5 devices. I want to know if I can renew for a 1 device' license instead of 5 ? Thank you for your help. Michel
  4. Custom Scan problems

    Hi, I have problem with customs Scans. Lately, every time I try to execute a custom scan, it always fails returning a message saying the scan's impossible because user name or password wrongs. I don't know why it gives me this result. Does someone can help me. Thank you. Michel Lavigne Test.txt