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  1. ============================= EXACTLY! I went through those HELL Days with Symantec too, (and Seagate too), that is exactly why I havent even considered Symantec as of late, however, I'm told they have changed their ways, They are NO LONGER selling "BloatWare" products (products that bloat out to have a HUGE overhead and require vast amounts of resources) In fact, Im actually hearing the opposite, they are suppose to be pretty good these days. If Kaspersky dosent jump in here pretty quick to give us all a Real DEFINED - ACCURATE and TRUE answer to these problems, I think that is the way I may just go. I just HATE the idea of the loss of that much money, (you know they wont want to refund it without a fight). I just want a product that works - Like it is SUPPOSE TO - errrr... Like it USE TO! -Provisions
  2. Thanks for the reply. We don't use Internet Explorer, except for those times that Firefox will not work on specific websites. Frankly, I feel that Firefox has two benefits. 1. Being SECURITY, and 2. Being some AWESOME add-ons that are extremely productive and beneficial; (however, being that we are on a Kaspersky site, I think Ive said enough about another mfgr's product.) What would you suggest since we use Firefox? -Provisions
  3. For WEEKS we have been plagued with this insanity of Kaspersky telling us that our Licenses are INVALID, when I KNOW for a FACT that ALL of my Licenses are 100% Legal and Legit for ALL of our machines - plus, and we have over 400 days left on most of our (40+) subscriptions! Does anyone know: a.) What this problem comes from? b.) HOW TO FIX IT? c.) How to ensure it does not re-occur? We have wasted countless hours on this insanity. We have even deleted, and re-installed the software (on the SAME Machines, with the SAME Keys) among other things. What REALLY boils my noodles is when my machines, and customer's data is left COMPLETELY UNPROTECTED because Kaspersky SHUTS DOWN without warning (for example; during the times we are closed, weekends, etc .. ) and we come in and find our stuff COMPLETELY UNPROTECTED! We are about to take our security business elsewhere. I can NOT get an straight answer from Kaspersky. I keep getting "canned answers" that are inapplicable or useless. HELP! edit: bold red all caps portions = off.
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