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  1. Well I now know it was my own doing. I tried firefox and logged in no problem and cutting a long story short the problem was that using IE9 options, I have lately overidden automatic cookie handling and because I had blocked the kasp redirect cookie it wouldn't let me login. Allow the cookie and I was in. Simple!
  2. Oh well thanks for posting Mark117, obviously seems like a problem with IE9 or to do with my pc and/or account. Cheers
  3. Good question, the short answer to which is no. However, although I will give it a go if I get no joy using IE9, there's always a but which is that I've had no problem accessing my account using IE9 for well over a year now, so it's frustrating that somethings changed. I am vexed for two reasons. first, why does the message periodically appear 'sorry the server is temporarily unavailable' - I wonder if this means at Kasp's end, as i have no problem with other sites/accounts. Second, it seems like the kasp login page is just dumping my login details - the login page dissappears, the web page goes all clear white, as it if it's thinking about it, then the login page reappears with the fields all blank. Curiously however, when I go down the route of resetting the password, the system eventually says the password has been successfully changed (therefore, what of using IE9 as opposed to some other browser) but when I click on the login link on the page that appears after the password has been reset, it just takes me to the normal login page and i start with the problem all over again. Therefore, i wonder if this is UK issue or to do with the server that the login page is using. therefore, i wonder if others in the UK could try logging in using IE9 and as Rudger suggests, using a different browser. My cynical side wonders if this is a kasp lab/server issue but they're just keeping quiet about it. I am converted to kis but am curious to know.
  4. Hi Thanks. I still can't log in. I either get the message the server is temporarily unavailable or the same process as described above - annoying! Cheers
  5. Hi Has anyone else got a problem logging into their 'my kaspersky account'? I tried logging in but the login page just kept reappearing after entering the password etc. I then tried resetting the password: I accessed the email that was sent out; clicking on the link in the email sent me to a page to reset the password; I changed the password and clicked ok (or whatever it said) which then said it was successfully changed; on that page I then clicked on the 'login' link which just took me straight back to the normal login page that we see when we want to login normally. I entered the new password etc and the same thing happened again - the page just keeps coming back to the login page. Anyone any ideas?
  6. In addition to richbuff's comment... From memory, this issue has been discussed previously, with the concensus that the firewall probably does not start as early as is suggested by kasp. I and other users try to minimise any risk from this by disabling the internet connection before shutdown so the internet is hopefully not accessible to the pc during startup and beyond, until it is re-enabled. This is not ideal but better than nothing.
  7. In addition to richbuff's comment: Is your problem occurring on https sites? If it is then check in "internet options > advanced > security" that the box 'do not save encrypted pages to disc' is unchecked. Resetting internet explorer might or might not uncheck the box so it's worth a look. I always uncheck it to download pdf's from https sites, then check it again.
  8. No surprise there then! I guess times must be hard for them, to resort to getting you to buy their recommendations by stating others are not available. Next they will be telling you that their recommended software is better than kasperskys. Knowing the programs they recommend I can confidently say that they obviously have a very good sense of humour! Unless kasp no longer being avialable in the UK is true of course? This sounds like a job for the 'watchdog'.
  9. Sorry, here it is: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...5c32bb69cc47b64 PS I see in the report that Geardrvs is shown as possibly incompatible. I have previously tried as much as I can do to remove this to no avail. I have: - run the Norton removal tool - searched using terms norton/symantec/geardrvs and removed findings - deleted items from the registry, as per a post in the forum - cleared the 'cleaner' folder in the kasp lab folder (have since formatted C:\ and not touched the cleaner folder) Yet Geardrvs still remains.
  10. I have a similar problem. In windows Vista administrator account, full, critical areas, vulnerability and rootkit scans all work normally. However, in Vista standard account, full, vulnerability and rootkit scans all work normally but critical areas scan sticks at 97% (on 'consent.exe'). I usually do these scans weekly with no problem, so is almost definitely related to patch 'f'. I thought about doing a clean install but won't the problem just come back once kasp is updated to 'f' again? Any ideas please?
  11. I've had the same problem ever since using kasp internet security 2012/13. I just re-enable it, close the browser, re-open it and away I go. It just seems a quirk somewhere but only takes seconds to rectify. Oddly though, I say re-enable it but it was never disabled, I just disable it and re-enable it and away I go - it's like it needs reminding sometimes. Don't think it is malware related (but could be wrong) as it happens even after a fresh install of C:\
  12. Hi It might be confusing when terms such as 'disabled' or 'off' are used interchangeably when they could mean specifically different things, so thought I would highlight some previous postings concerning defender which might add some clarity. Some inconsistency in opinion seemed evident so I recently requested on the forum some clarification as to whether to just turn defender off or disable it completely in 'Services' (see http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...&p=1977884). The upshot seemed to be to leave it enabled in 'Services' (i.e. do not disable it) but do turn it off in its GUI; the same seems to go for windows firewall. Hope this is useful.
  13. Thank you for your post but in another post - http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?s=&am...t&p=1978096 - did you mean 'disable' in 'services', or just turn defender off in its GUI?
  14. Thanks Don P. I assume you meant turn windows firewall off but leave it enabled in services, so that's the way I'll leave it. Cheers
  15. Hi I've been looking in the forum to get a good idea of whether, in 'Services', to disable windows defender or not and whether to disable windows firewall or not. although this has been discussed in various posts a difference of opinioin seems evident e.g. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?s=&am...t&p=1955746 and http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?s=&am...t&p=1976661. Therefore, I am hoping to get a concensus on whether defender and windows firewall should just be turned of in their respective GUI's, or disabled completely in 'services'. I currently have both enabled in 'services' but off in their GUI's. Any ideas please? Thanks
  16. Hi I have the same problem with windows vista (disabling network discovery and file sharing means windows firewall is enabled). Therefore, you say 'zones' but is it the case that setting the home network to public in 'networks' in kis2013, will disable network discovery and file sharing?
  17. Also, Regarding your hotmail account, you don't say what you mean exactly about unable to access your account so I don't know if you've got the same problem I had but I can tell you about it so you could give how I resolved it a try. My problem was and still is related to password entry. I use upper and lower case etc in my microsoft email account and after installing 2013 realised I couldn't get in. I fiddled and realised that it was a problem with the secure data input function. specifically, it whatever case I used to put in, it was now putting the opposite in by itself e.g. if my password was aA, when I type that now it gets inputted as Aa - the other way around. Therefore, all I have to do now is do the exact opposite case of what I used to do so e.g. if it was aBc, just type in AbC and it will put the opposite in (aBc) by itself. It's a real pain and it does it with all my online passwords but now I know I just get on with it and it works. Hope this helps PS It doesn't always do it, sometimes it works the right way around so if you can't get in one way try it the other. also, you could try it with secure data input turned off as well. edit: Also,
  18. Could the issue Radek178 identifies in their post (http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?s=&showtopic=252386&view=findpost&p=1959157) be related to this business of optimising the databases then?
  19. Thanks for your advice Don P. I wasn't going to do anything until seeking advice but was covering bases. should I bother with a clean instal and what do you think about disabling or just turning off defender? thanks. PS system date/time ok.
  20. Hi I wiped the HDD recently and had a problem with kaspersky internet security 2013. In the past when wiping the HDD I install the operating system, then immediatley (before any network connection - with the ethernet cable disconnected - or before installing any other programs) install the kaspersky prog. at that point Kaspersky just says the databases are out of date and when eventually updating it just seems to add to what is already there (judging by the relatively small download size) rather than replacing the whole lot. However, this time, it said the databases were obsolete and when eventually updated it seemed to download the lot rather than just adding to them. In light of this I have a couple of questions. 1. the databases updated ok and everything seems to be working fine (its only been a couple of days since being reinstalled) but given the obsolete warning, do you think I should do a clean install and should I use the removal tool in safe mode or not? 2. I'm not sure whether to disable windows defender or not. Some seem to say just turn it off (with some saying uncheck the submodules) whereas others seem to say disable it completely in 'services', so what should I do? GSI: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...d25d23a8bdfbc95 Thanks.
  21. Thanks Berny. sorry about the four posts above when one would suffice; don't know what happened there. I guess what their saying by optimization then is that the signatures/databases that appear are the ones that are thought by kaspersky to be e.g. important or relevant to contempary threats. Arguably this is worrying regarding protection because threats that were protected against are no longer protected against therefore a pc is vulnerable if e.g. web surfing comes across a threat that was protected against but now is not. I just hope kaspersky gets their 'dynamic' selection of signatures right! thanks
  22. Hi I don't want to pre-empt the moderators' but what in the screenshot is it that you think is strange?
  23. Hi I see on p11 of the kaspersky internet security downloadable 'user guide' that the size of the application databases has been reduced, which allows lowering the size of data to download and speed up the installation of updates. Therefore, what exactly does this mean - e.g. is it just that the files or whatever are in the databases have been compressed in some way, or is it simply that a smaller number of e.g. signatures are included? If it's the latter, what does that mean for protection because presumably less signatures means less e.g. viruses detected? Thanks
  24. Hi As well as richbuffs post I remember I had a similar problem with the info bar some time ago. The problem was there when using windows vista standard account but curiously was not there when logged into the administrator account. From memory the problem was rectified by uninstalling kaspersky internet security 2013, Adobe reader and IE9, rebooting and all that and reinstalling them all. Of course, doing it with all three didn't allow discovery of which one was probably the problem or whether there was some interaction between two or three of them causing the problem but the problem was resolved in my case at least.
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