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  1. Quote from Kasperky's site: <<Kaspersky Security Scan is Kaspersky Lab’s free utility specifically designed as a second opinion solution that runs an extra check on a computer. … An important advantage of Kaspersky Security Scan is that it does not conflict with other security solutions. This means users do not have to uninstall or disable their main anti-malware product before running an extra check with Kaspersky Lab’s utility.>> The second opinion option is great. I have tried to install KSS, but the setup tells me: "Your computer already has an application installed." I have previously run a Kaspersky product, but have switched to another IS. I ran KAVremover twice in safe mode before I installed the new IS. How can I enable KSS as a second opinion check?
  2. In addition to post #3: MS has replaced the 2823324 update with KB 2840149. Please read http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/securit...lletin/ms13-036, quote from the Update FAQ paragraph: To address known issues with security update 2823324, Microsoft rereleased bulletin MS13-036 to replace the 2823324 update with the 2840149 update for NTFS.sys when installed on all affected versions of Microsoft Windows. Security update 2823324 was expired on April 11, 2013. Microsoft strongly recommends that customers with the 2823324 update still installed should uninstall the update prior to applying the 2840149 update. All customers should apply the 2840149 update, which replaces the expired 2823324 update.
  3. richbuff is in another time-zone, he surely will report back later. In the meantime I can tell you the meaning of richbuff's statement: This forum has some IMPORTANT posts at the top on the starting page. The 5th one is: IMPORTANT: How to help us help you with a log of your system Using the GetSystemInfo tool found at http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=215537 BTW, another link to current information http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/04/12/ms..._fix_roll_back/. "The buggy patch causes, among other headaches, Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows to display a message claiming its user licence is invalid, implying that the PC is unprotected from malware nasties. Other reports suggest that some machines have been thrown into a continuous reboot cycle: Win 7 PCs in Samba-loving Brazil are apparently hardest hit."
  4. Please read http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2839011 After you install security update 2823324, Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Workstations or Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Servers versions and may display an error message that resembles the following: "Your license is not valid." http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/securit...lletin/ms13-036 Check the paragraph “Update FAQ” (revised April 11, 2013): Microsoft recommends that customers uninstall this update The issue is probably limited to Windows 7. JANOLAV had a reason for his comment.
  5. @richbuff: I did not know about “the other richbuff”. :b_lol1: A joke might be liberating. But when you have heard the same story 510 204.08 times, you stop smiling. I am afraid the question is going to be repeated frequently, until KL starts to listen to the voice of their users. Of course we do not blame the moderators; it must be stressful to reply to this question over and over again. @mark117: Yes, I know about 'Firefox EXTENDED SUPPORT RELEASE'. To those who are interested in following mark117's advice: Visit http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/all.html, click “Learn more” and read “Who is it for?” and “Who is it not for?”. As far as I can understand Mozilla have released 41 security fixes since version 17. How are these fixes implemented in the 17.05.esr version? You cannot read a newspaper without learning you have to keep your software updated. Security authorities in most countries give us the same advice: “Run an updated AV/firewall, keep your OS/software updated”. Even KL employees have recommended the ESR version, and as far as I can recall, some users have been advised by the support to downgrade their browser (to be able to run KL software). This is confusing to a common PC user.
  6. My experience: Kaspersky is far to slow. You have to be extremely patient. The PM in PURE is based on Sticky Password from Lamantine Software. The developer team for the original program is much more offensive. The updates are like this: 20.02.2013 - added support for Firefox/Thunderbird 20 and Seamonkey 2.17 02.04.2013 - added support for Firefox/Thunderbird 21 and Seamonkey 2.18 Norton (Symantec) tries to release toolbar updates the same day Mozilla releases their new version. The latest update was like this: 02.04.2013 Firefox 20 & Google Chrome 26 Support for Norton Toolbar I know richbuff will be angry with me. He does not appreciate questions like joschi4 asked. Never mind, this is a USER forum. The users must be allowed to share their experiences. Shall this post be deleted? That's the simple way..............
  7. FWIW, The most recent version of Firefox is 20.0. …..............
  8. I need both PURE Password Manager with Virtual Keyboard and Java RE due to online banking services. I appreciate that a patch was released some days ago; now it should be possible to update Firefox to ver 18 (I have been running FF 15 up to this day). I installed pure2.0_60157_signed.exe according to the instructions. Then I installed FF 18.0.2, but FF reported that all the KL extensions were incompatible with FF. Opening PM > Supported browsers gave me the message “Invalid” for Firefox. I had no success with Java 1.7u13 either, the FF plug-in was not installed (OK with IE8). The problems were resolved this way: I completely uninstalled Firefox (keep a backup for bookmarks). I reinstalled FF 18.0.2, this time with success. All KL extensions were accepted by FF. Still Java 1.7u13 would not work with FF. The solution was to exit from PURE and run the off-line installer jre-7u13-windows-i586.exe. Then I restarted PURE and went online again. I do not know whether this procedure will be helpful to you if you notice similar problems. Give it a try if you have installation problems with PURE PM and Java. My env: Windows XP SP3 / PURE
  9. My personal advice is unchanged, please read this post. You can easily transfer all your entries in the PURE password database to Sticky Password through export/import of the db in XML format.
  10. I have to admit I have not read this thread thoroughly. Be aware: Neither Java 1.7 u10 nor u11 can be installed in Win7 x64 due to a faulty Oracle package. You have to fiddle with the Registry to have Java to work with Chrome or Firefox. Please read what “madperson” says at the Mozilla forum: in some instances firefox may not be able to detect that the java plugin is installed, because oracle made an error in registering the java plugin for mozilla-based browsers in version 7u10 & 7u11... this will apparently just be fixed with its next release. http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=8005410 for a workaround see http://kb.mozillazine.org/Java#Add_back_missing_registry_key After applying the work-around, Java 1.7 u11 plug-in was recognized in both Firefox and Chrome.
  11. I could not get the most recent PM release to work with FF 17 either. Norton's (NIS) vault is not comparable with PM in PURE. The PM is an OEM clone of Sticky Password; Sticky is compatible with NIS. You can easily transfer your PURE-PM to Sticky-PM, search this forum! edit: del quote.
  12. Congratulations Kaspersky; I did not know (personally I am running PURE and the patch from 14.11.2012 is still not working with FF 17 as announced. That is the reason why I have not dared to upgrade to FFF 18). If Kaspersky now is back in business, I really appreciate the progress.
  13. FYI, according to the release schedule, Firefox 18.0 was distributed today. And this morning, Symantec announced the Norton Toolbar compatibility patch for FF 18. It seems to be possible...
  14. I have been a FF supporter for a couple of years; a much nicer browser than IE. But the flood of new releases have been a pain. I do not understand the problems between KL and FF, but I think I have found the solution: Google Chrome! Try it! I am now running ver. 23.0.1271. Password Manager and Virtual Keyboard works flawlessly (the only issue I have noticed is: The PM icon is displayed as a green one (on the toolbar) even when PM is locked. If I open PM and then lock the prog, the icon correctly turns red. Not a huge issue!).
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