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  1. Certificate Authenticity issue

    Here's the "Protection" tab. I assume this is the tab I should be in, but it doesn't fully match what you have written in #1. I'm also a little over my head from a knowledge standpoint, so please bear with me. The picture below is a snapshot of it's current state, nothing has been modified.
  2. This issue is in regard to a MacBook Pro (2014-2015). OS is El Capitan 10.11.6. Kaspersky Internet Security is installed and running. I'm getting very frequent pop-up messages that state "..... cannot verify the certificate authenticity of xxxxxx". Sometimes I'll get 9-10 right after the other. I've attached a screen shoot of an example. In this case it shows "vast.bp3866969.btrll.com". 1: So what do these pop-ups mean to me? 2: Is this of concern? 3: What can I do to stop these very annoying pop-ups? In advance, thanks.
  3. This concerns a Kaspersky protected Mac Book Pro with OS X El Capitan. Recently I've been getting frequent pop-up warnings, an example shown below: So, my questions are: * Just what do the pop-ups mean? * Is it an issue of concern? * If it's providing "protection", how do I keep the protection but avoid the very annoying pop-ups? * If it's nothing to be concerned about, how do I avoid the pop-ups? In advance, thanks.