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  1. The scheduled task runs at 4am -4 GMT tomorrow, i will post back, but i think it worked, since klbackup did run successfully.
  2. Network Poll->Ip Subnets->Edit polling settings has "enable ip subnets polling" OFF However, Windows Scanning and AD Scanning were ON, so i turned them off and rebooted. STILL the two machines appear, however i deleted them again and quickly ran the backup and this time it worked.
  3. if i delete the hosts, and then also delete from unassigned computers, they will show up again in a few minutes. do i need to do anything else?
  4. I still need help, i don't want to reinstall KSC (again) ksc.txt
  5. Why couldn't you simply say to run klbackup? Anyway if you read my posts you would have seen that i am already using it, but with the same error.
  6. Note that the event log also displays the error: Settings storage 'C:\ProgramData\KasperskyLab\adminkit\1093\.nagbkp\sscrpt.dat' may be corrupted.
  7. I deleted 2 machines from managed computers and unassigned. Machine names were MAR-VM03 (6d70d79f-a6b4-488e-92e7-63990e8f913b\SS_SETTINGS.dat) and PC-PLM-18565 (7d27cbda-3032-4aa3-8d17-4a565d4305b6\SS_SETTINGS.dat), however running klbackup i still see the error: Error - At least one repository corrupted: C:\ProgramData\KasperskyLab\adminkit\1093\.working\storages\6d70d79f-a6b4-488e-92e7-63990e8f913b\SS_SETTINGS.dat C:\ProgramData\KasperskyLab\adminkit\1093\.working\storages\7d27cbda-3032-4aa3-8d17-4a565d4305b6\SS_SETTINGS.dat Do i have to reboot the server after removing the 2 machines and before running klbackup? Do i need to manually delete SS_SETTINGS.dat from both folders? In the 6d70d79f-a6b4-488e-92e7-63990e8f913b folder there is a ~SS_SETTINGS.~dat~2 file with 18kb size. Remember i deleted the main ss_settings.dat In the 7d27cbda-3032-4aa3-8d17-4a565d4305b6 folder there is SS_SETTINGS.dat with 24kb size. The ~SS_SETTINGS.~dat~2 exists but it's empty.
  8. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2TD3-dEo...S0VsZ0JvOWdtLWM
  9. Sorry for late reply, swamped with other work. I provided the GSI log on post #3. I don't see an additional checkbox for sql logs
  10. Like i said on earlier posts: I cleared the update repository, as recommended by Kaspersky support on this forum. Still same error I deleted the file (without even stopping KSC). I could delete the file, so it wasn't being used at the moment. Even rebooted the server. Still same error. I don't have another copy of that file so i haven't been able to restore it. The file didn't get rebuilt after restarting the KSC service or even rebooting. Like i said, KSC is working fine, the only thing that isn't working are backups
  11. Running klbackup manually immediately shows up the same error as posted above, so basically i can't do backups anymore. There IS an old backup dated october 4th in c:\programdata\kasperskysc\sc_backup and there are files in there. Anyway i can recover just the damaged file from it without restoring? The backup is too old and i would lose too much by restoring to it
  12. I can't risk damaging the product by restoring to a database that has reported corruption. The product seems to be working fine. What is that SS_SETTINGS file for? It can't be that important since the program is working
  13. All backups are corrupt according to the task. However everything seems to be working fine. How can i recreate a new SS_SETTINGS file?
  14. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2TD3-dEo...a09KRGJOUWNWbm8
  15. The task that does the database backup is showing an error since last week. KSC 10.3.407. Error is: Database is corrupted. At least one repository corrupted: C:\ProgramData\KasperskyLab\adminkit\1093\.working\storages\6d70d79f-a6b4-488e-92e7-63990e8f913b\SS_SETTINGS.dat C:\ProgramData\KasperskyLab\adminkit\1093\.working\storages\7d27cbda-3032-4aa3-8d17-4a565d4305b6\SS_SETTINGS.dat This is the second time that this has happened to me, last time was in 2013 I proceeded to delete the whole update repository (All Tasks->Clear update repository), but same error happens. Stopped the KSC service, deleted C:\ProgramData\KasperskyLab\adminkit\1093\.working\storages\6d70d79f-a6b4-488e-92e7-63990e8f913b\SS_SETTINGS.dat and started the service again, i see that the file wasn't created again. How can i fix this?
  16. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2TD3-dEo0...iew?usp=sharing Sorry for the delay, extremely busy. If you would fix the forum's maximum upload size we wouldn't have to resort to use external tools to upload files.
  17. Yes, the second account (the imap account) is shared by lots of people. Here's the outlook trace. The mail policy is the one that comes default with KSC "recommended" KES.
  18. Are the outlook traces included in the KES10 traces?
  19. Since about 2 weeks we have been having issues with Outlook freezing on a big number of machines. Outlook 2007 KES or, doesn't seem to matter the version Exchange 2007 as our mail backbone The issue happens on machines that have a second mailbox added through IMAP (because outlook 2007 can't handle 2 exchange accounts on the same machine) Mails appear and disappear, especially on Exchange confirmation mails, and outlook is extremely slow. If i disable the outlook mail plugin, or disable incoming mail and just leave outgoing mail check, it works fine. This is particularly a problem on our remote branches that have a slow connection to our mail server. For now we have disabled the outlook plugin until a better fix is found.
  20. Of course there is no task, otherwise you get a warning that there is a task using that package. Like i said, i was able to delete the package the day after. What i am complaining about is that as a paying customer expecting support, i don't think an acceptable answer is to "leave the problem there, or reinstall KSC from a backup". I'm an experienced user and know my way around SQL, i only needed the table (or tables) involving packages so i could delete them.
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