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  1. Does anybody have any input into this situation? Are there better options for contacting support that I'm unaware of?
  2. http://ge.tt/91if2ao2 Here it is in its mostly fully functional state, with only 3 categories added. Golden Image, Win10, and Certificates. http://ge.tt/5eUg2ao2 Here it is with the rest of the categories added, none of which are properly processed. http://ge.tt/1jhk2ao2 Here it is after using klmover in the above state.
  3. Using klmover on the client will [Possible SPAM!!!] the "Total Number of synchronization requests" to 1. This has no effect on the issues. Rebooting the system resets it to 0 synchronizations until I run klmover again.
  4. Here is a link to the new file, generated by an admin account and unmodified after creation: http://ge.tt/1IJW3Wo2
  5. The file you received was generated by an administrator account. I will run it again and send it tomorrow morning.
  6. No, I have not deleted anything from the logs. Tell me what I need to do to get you information you want.
  7. The one where it doesn't work as expected would be a great one to start with. The one where it doesn't work at all immediately after startup would be a great followup. The one where an existing feature seems to have been removed can be something we circle back to. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's deal with the first one. If I include my existing categories, the policy doesn't actually apply with no obvious errors. How do we fix that? What information do you need? How do we get the ball rolling on this? It's been over a week and there's been no significant progress.
  8. I created a test.bat file with a "pause" command and did not approve it. If I do it early enough after logging in I am able to run this test.bat file even though Kaspersky is telling me that it's blocked. Is Kaspersky unable to actually provide a proper whitelisting service? If anything malicious gets in a user's startup folder, will Kaspersky just allow it to run as long as it's done in the first 30 seconds?
  9. Also, restoring the Events section to KSC would be nice, but that's a lower priority issue.
  10. Just so we're all on the same page: I would like to add all of my pre-existing approval categories to my policy. Whenever I do so, the client chokes on it and stops processing policy updates. And as a side-note, the "Golden Image" approval seems pretty useless. How do we proceed from here to figure out why the client is choking on these categories?
  11. If I reboot, I have a window of about 30 seconds during which I can successfully launch the Chrome installer. After that, it's blocked.
  12. With no further changes to the policy, I just attempted to run the Chrome installer again and it was blocked. Yes, that would be how we built most of our categories. I'll assume that you're not suggesting we rebuild every categories every time there's an update. Those previously-built categories don't work, and the Events section has disappeared from KSC since the update.
  13. I was about to report that no, I couldn't install Chrome with Golden Images alone selected, but then I restarted and it worked. So it would seem that that something about one of the categories is locking something up on the client, preventing it from getting policy updates until a restart. Note that this doesn't mean a restart gets the other categories working. After restarting I was able to run the Chrome installer.
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