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  1. I received a reply from Bugzilla: "This is not "obviously a bug with 62.0.2" if 62.0.2 improved your security and things have been wrong in KIS for years." Another reply was "I don't know anything about KIS but I think you should discuss with them." So we are back at the usual stalemate where Mozilla and Kaspersky blame each other and neither wants to fix it, which, as always, affects the users. So hopefully sometime in the future when either company updates their software, it won't have an effect on the other and both will work perfectly.
  2. I previously posted details of problems with Firefox 62.0 64-bit when using Safe Money but that issue was resolved. However as I have discovered the same problem with the latest Firefox update, I wanted to let KIS 2019 users know that there are the same issues with Firefox 62.0.2. I was running KIS 2019 and Firefox 62.0 64-bit and the KIS Safe Money functioned correctly, as usual. I updated to Firefox 62.0.2. and when I selected a bookmark from Firefox which is setup in KIS Safe Money as Run Protected Browser, Firefox opened the website in a normal window. When I selected a bookmark that is setup as Prompt for Action, again Firefox opened it in a normal window without the select options. I then put Firefox back to 62.0 and the Safe Money functionality works correctly again so there is obviously a bug with 62.0.2. I have logged a bug with Bugzilla so hopefully they will fix this ASAP.
  3. I have been running KIS with Firefox 61.0.2 64-Bit without any problems. I updated to Firefox 62.0 a couple of days ago and Safe Money no longer works correctly. When I select a wesbite that is setup on my Safe Money as opening in a protected browser, it only opens in a normal browser. So I re-installed Firefox 61.0.2 and Safe Money worked correctly again, so it is an issue with Firefox 62.0. I have notified Mozilla about this issue but I just wanted to let KIS users know about this issue.
  4. I got a reply from Tech Support and they have said that the Firefox issue is a Kaspersky problem as follows: " Concerning Firefox notification. The notification that you encounter is caused because of a known issue in Kaspersky Protection extension. Kaspersky lab developers are working on a solution." Don't think that if you update to a 2019 version that it will solve this problem because I followed instructions to update given by Tech Support and it involved using the KAV remover tool which then screwed up my System Restore function. Luckily there is a fix for it on the KIS section of the Kaspersky forum and Kaspersky were notified about the details of the fix in May. And I still have the Firefox notification problem so we'll have to wait until it is resolved. As the current download of the KAV remover tool still doesn't have the fix for the System Restore issue, watch out if you are advised to use the KAV remover tool to uninstall 2018 before installing 2019.
  5. I got a reply from Tech Support and they said " The issue that you encounter with creating restore point is a Windows issue, normally not related with Kaspersky. I have searched and it is common error because the Microsoft Shadow Copy service is disabled. Please start the service, restart your computer and check the issue again. Follow my steps below to do so. 1. Click on your Start button and search for 'Run', click on run to open the application. 2. Enter: 'services.msc' (without quotes) and click on OK. The System Configuration window will appear. 3. In the Services window, look for 'Microsoft Software Shadow Copy', right-click on it and select 'Properties'. 4. Set 'Startup type' to 'Automatic', click on 'Apply' and then 'OK'. Restart your computer and check the issue again." Again this is worrying as the fix information was passed to Kaspersky in May and yet Tech Support still don't know how to fix the problem...it doesn't give you much confidence in them does it?!?
  6. Thanks to both MirceaForce and cc2150dx for the information. I had a problem uninstalling KIS 2018 normally and contacted Tech Support. They told me to use the KAV remover tool to remove KIS2018 and then install KIS2019. I followed their instructions and as you both mentioned above, KAV remover screwed up my System Restore functionality. So I merged your file with the registry and the System Restore functionality all works again. It is annoying that your information has been passed onto KL in May and yet I was told to use the tool in July without any warning! Tech Support haven't even got back to me with a solution yet and the fix obviously hasn't been built into the KAV remover tool yet so how many other people have been affected by this...very poor Kaspersky!!!
  7. I think you forgot to mention that when you have to uninstall KIS2018 using the KAV remover tool because of some other Kaspersky unknown issue you can't uninstall KIS2018 using Windows, that after installing KIS2019 it screws up your System restore function. Which is quite ironic really as the first instruction you get from Tech Support is "Create a restore point" and then after KIS2019 is installed you can't do a System Restore, not even using the windows Recovery option! Now that's a major screwup Kaspersky!!!
  8. Wonderful reply from Tech Support....NOT!!! They sent me a large reply in German, has the world gone mad!
  9. Thanks for the info. I have submitted my request to Tech Support with the screenshot and GSI as you requested.
  10. I started the clean install by uninstalling KIS 2018 but it failed with an error, see attached screenshot. I cancelled the uninstall, rebooted and then tried running the uninstall as administrator but it also failed with the same error. So what do I do now?
  11. Okay, thanks for that...can you give me a link to download KIS 2019?
  12. Thanks for the info but from previous experience of installing new KIS versions for the following year, I am reluctant to install KIS2019 at the moment. TB is already version 52.9.1 so I think I will leave things as they are, as it is not that problematic at the moment. Once all the main 2019 bugs have been sorted out in a few months when I will probably install it then. Cheers.
  13. I am running Firefox version 61.0.1 (64-bit) and was running KIS version without having any problems until KIS updated to yesterday, 23rd July, and then I got this KIS recommendation for both Firefox and Thunderbird (see attached) with the KIS shield in Firefox greyed out. The KIS extension version is currently which has an updated date of July 23, 2018. I followed the instructions detailed by now for Firefox and it has worked but as there isn't a KIS extension for Thunderbird, I cannot remove the KIS warning for Thunderbird. This issue obviously relates to the latest KIS version i / Firefox but at least we have a work around for Firefox until this is updated/fixed/resolved by KIS/Mozilla. Hope this info helps.
  14. Here are the details of the fix I got from Kaspersky Tech Support which worked for me. Hope it works for you. Cheers.
  15. Just wanted to let Indio know that it was an issue and not a change made by the developers as I received a "fix" from Technical Support. So it would appear that Indio does not fully inderstand the functionality of Safe Money in KIS2018 and therefore should not be making comments on it until he does!
  16. Maybe I did not clearly explain my issue...in KIS2017 Safe Money would open 1 protected session but allowed numerous tabs to be opened within that protected session. KIS2018 Safe Money opens 1 protected session but only allows 1 tab to be opened within that protected session. I disagree with your assumption that " The Developers made that change for a reason" as I know of other users who have updated to KIS2018 and they have the same functionality that they had in KIS2017, i.e. it opens 1 protected session and allows numerous tabs to be opened within that protected session. So either the others users who have the same functionality as KIS2017 have an issue or I do, but there is an issue, so I will contact Tech Support to allow them to determine who has the issue!
  17. I have recently updated to KIS2018 and have an issue with Safe Money. In KIS2017 you could open more than 1 protected session at the same time but KIS2018 only allows 1 protected session to be opened. If you try to open a 2nd session, you get the error message: Run error Protected Browser is already running. Use Protected Browser to open the page. If this is an issue, can someone give me an idea of when it will be fixed?
  18. I have tried other financial sites and they work okay so it must be safe money that doesn't recognise paypal or ebay or amazon as a secure site anymore!!!
  19. I have the same problem with Paypal now. When I went to the website, I got the selection screen to choose whether to open in a protected window or not. I selected to open in a protected window and also save the setting but it didn't open in a protected window, it just opened in the current window. I checked safe money and the website had not been added to safe money so I manually added it but that didn't work either. Safe money used to work fine on my desktop and then after updates, it stopped working so I had to uninstall KIS and re-install it to get safe money working again. Now this has happened so I will leave safe money OFF and use a private window in my browser for these sites as it seems that every time Kaspersky update something, other things stop working!!!
  20. I decided to uninstall KIS2016, keeping the licence information, and reboot my desktop. I then went to the section in this forum to Download the latest Kaspersky product updates and downloaded KIS 2016 which is I downloaded it, installed it and it then carried out a very large update...several Mbs. I then rebooted my desktop and when I tried running Safe Money it worked okay and the protected window now shows in green as a protected browser. From experience with KIS products over the years, if you discover a fault, check the forum and if Kaspersky have identified it as a fault, one of the admin guys will mention this in a post and it will be fixed in a future update. If it is not identified as a fault then always try uninstalling KIS and re-installing it as this usually fixes "strange" faults which appear! Hope this helps others.
  21. Also, I have the same problems and it is Safe Money that has stopped working correctly. I am running KIS 2016 and Firefox 45.0.1 and since Kaspersky updated to 614(e) I have had these problems. I do not have problems when Safe Money is switched off and I only have problems with sites in Safe Money when it is switched on.
  22. Safe money has just decided that it doesn't want to working correctly, probably due to a KIS update, as always. Everything was working fine, no changes to my desktop, and when I tried to access sites on safe money yesterday, I now get the orange screen with the message that "Your connection is not secure"! It does it for every site and as I said, nothing has been changed on my desktop so I know it is a KIS update that has created this. I am running KIS 2016, (e) on Vista Home Premium 32-bit with Firefox 45.0 and safe money has been working fine until now!
  23. I am running KIS 2016 (d) and Firefox 43.0.3 When I run a Vulnerability Scan it highlights Firefox, see attached picture 1. If I then select Details, it opens a tab and takes me to the Securelist but displays an error, see attached picture 2. 1) Why does it highlight Firefox when I have the latest version running? 2) Why does the securelist show an error? Thanks.
  24. It all looks so much better now. Before I started following your instructions to run the Adware/Malware KIS was blocking numerous dangerous URLs. After running your processes KIS has not needed to block anything and the browsers work fine. I have told my daughter that any downloads she does at Uni should not be opened or run until they have been scanned by KIS and also I need to see them before anything is loaded onto her laptop. Is there any other advice that you think I should give her so that we don't have this situation again?
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