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  1. I'm afraid I didn't read that before uninstalling KIS (the CPU usage climbed to 100%, which rendered my laptop unusable); I thought the Sysinfo.zip (created with KIS's internal support option) I uploaded would be enough information. I do have an image with KIS I can restore and test with, but won't have the time until later this week. Thank you for responding so quickly.
  2. Since today, KIS 2015 MR2 causes high CPU load, whereas yesterday there was no problem. I've restored an image from early morning of 20150226 (no problem at the time of creation), which showed the same symptoms after updating KIS. As advised above, I've uninstalled Malwarebytes Anti-Malware followed by a reboot, which didn't help. OS: Windows 8.1 With Update x64, fully updated. KIS: Kaspersy Internet Security 2015 MR2,, fully updated, no beta source. CPU: Intel® Core i5-3230M, with KIS taking about 50% of CPU time all the time, starting a few minutes after boot. No relation found with explicitly started programs. sysinfo.zip
  3. It seems possible then, that one or both of the 64-bit Kaspersky add-ons for IE (virtual keyboard, web protection statistics) does not play well with IE8 64-bit. IE's error message upon recovering states that an add-on violated the Data Execution Prevention. Since DEP can't be disabled for the 64-bit version of IE, not much can be done as an end user.
  4. I see IE8 64-bit crashing under Vista 64-bit SP1 with KIS The 32-bit version of IE (with more add-ons like Adobe Flash) does *not* crash. The only 64-bit add-on other than Kaspersky's is the 64-bit version of Sun's JRE. I'll uninstall this and see whether that makes a difference. By the way, completely disabling all add-ons and then restarting IE 64-bit does *not* solve this crashing problem.
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