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  1. Hi Whizard, thanks for your instructions, looks like it was the remnants of CIS that were causing the issue as simply uninstalling ZoneAlarm didnt fix the issue (though it did remove the klif reg key ) Now all is well have installed KIS2016 and also re-installed ZA. Thanks for your assistance! :cb_punk:
  2. Hi Schulte, thanks for letting me know, wasnt aware that ZoneAlarm were using Kaspersky technology. Used to use their free firewall years ago! You were correct klif was being loaded by ZoneAlarm, but uninstalling ZoneAlarm didnt resolve to my issue. More below .... :-)
  3. Hi, here is the GSI with %temp% log files http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...0f295baed95f831 Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, as per usual only post here when have the most strange issues. So, decided to uninstall KAV 2013 in order to install KAV 2016. This is on a Windows 7 x86 machine. Did the usual method, add/remove programs, Choose KAV2013, uninstall. Reboot the notebook 3 times, then went on to install KAV2016. During the install, the installer fails, giving me message computer may be infected blah blah blah message. So I take a look into the event log and can see a that right after KAV fails there is a failure to register a windows service (KIKF.sys) I take a look into the registry and can see that kaspersky has left a reg key in place, no problem, will run the KAV removal tool, that should take care of it. Well it didnt, registry key still in place. I try to remove it manually, nope wont let me delete. I try to ammend permissions on the registry key, nope still no go when attempting to delete it. So I shutdown the notebook and boot to a different environment (Hirens) and use some registry tools to remove the key. But guess what the KLIF key is not there!! Where is there ? HKLM --> System --> CurrentControlSet --> Services Also not appearing in HKLM --> System --> ControlSet001 --> Services or HKLM --> System --> ControlSet002 --> Services So I reboot the notebook, and lo and behold KLIF is being loaded back into the registry in all three locations! C:\Programs Files\ - No Kaspersky folder C:\ProgramData\ - No Kaspersky folder C:\Windows\System32\Drivers - No Kaspersky Lab driver files So how is KLIF.sys registry being loaded into the registry on startup ?? Thought may have some HDD corruption, run a chkdsk c: /r on the drive, comes back with no errors and the KLIF registry key is still in place. So I tried something else, seeing I uninstalled KAV2013, still had an KAV2013 install file, so tried to install KAV2013 again, but still a no go. Formating the notebook is not an option. The KAV license still has 300 odd days left, hope someone can enlighten me on how I can stop the KLIF reg value loading into the registry when the notebook starts! Thanks
  5. Why was the other posters response deleted ??? As the product does say it support Windows XP SP3 Windows XP 64-bit SP2 They made a valid point ! Not nice to see these forums being moderated in this way.
  6. Hi, first feedback from clients is that it is 'better' will get more feedback later in the week to see if things are the same. Thanks :-) Am 99.9% sure this has nothing to do with Malwarebytes as it is not 'active' in system memory. Also I am well aware regards to the status of Windows XP, the system have ALL 'critical updates and critical corrective Hotfixes for proper functioning' up to the date that MS issued them. Yes, well aware of all the above, but we cannot push people to move from their OS's. These machines have bespoke software that cannot be ported to newer OS. Hence the reason the clients are still using Windows XP. To be honest with richbuff and ibbi1337 If I saw a poster who quoted something similar in their thread 'Before the installation of Kaspersky I have cleaned up all temp files folders, clean cache, defragmented HDD, chkdsk c: /r on HDD's done virus scans with Malwarebytes, NOD32, KAV Removal Tool. I have also used the KAVremover plus used other tools to remove previous verisons of AV products.' I would make the assumption that this person 'knows a few things' about PC's running Microsoft operating systems. Thanks for your feedback :-)
  7. Hi, We have a huge lag on two desktop PC's when KAV 2015 is enabled on start up. If we disable Kaspersky the two desktop PC's start normally. The lag time is anything between 5 - 30 minutes and does not always occur. The lag occurs after the user inputs their login credentials. The login screen stays the same for the duration of the 'hang. Windows log shows no errors etc. These PC's are Windows XP SP3 fully patched. Before the installation of Kaspersky I have cleaned up all temp files folders, clean cache, defragmented HDD, chkdsk c: /r on HDD's done virus scans with Malwarebytes, NOD32, KAV Removal Tool. I have also used the KAVremover plus used other tools to remove previous verisons of AV products. But still the issue persists. Here is the GSI report for one on the PC's. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...4ecd2ddb41ffd0c The configuration of the other PC is identical with similar software installed. These are client PC's attached to a work domain. The work domain server used to have KSC installed, but that has been removed, I am not sure if this has anything to do with the lag problem. Hope someone can assist. Thanks
  8. Good morning guys, well thats one customer lost, he came in this morning for another issue with his notebook, and said to me 'that antivirus you gave me I took it off, it was making my computer slow' He has put Avast on the notebook, which as he says, 'is free' and he is very happy. He said, 'I know it wont give me as much protection as Kaspersky, but I can use my computer normally' and it cost me nothing. That is as damning indignation as you could hear and it wasnt said in malice, but as a simple, blunt and to the point description of their experiences. To add more confusion. My desktop PC, after starting this thread, started to act normally again. I didnt reboot, didnt disable / enable system watcher, nada. By itself it returned to normality. I have another customer coming to me today, installed KIS 2013 for her, after removing KIS 2012, then using removal tool, then cleaning out old files, defragmenting then installing KIS 2013. This is what she said to me over the phone. Her: 'Hi, the Internet is taking a long time to load' Me: 'Hi, which browser are you using, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.' Her: 'I am using Firefox' Me: 'When you say it is taking a long time to load, what do you mean'. Her: 'I press the firefox button and wait for several seconds and nothing happens, so I press it a few more times' Now, this is what most users do, when they press a button and nothing happens, they dont know how to ctrl-alt-delete and check what processes are running etc, they are normal users, they press the button a few more time, 'just incase they didnt click it right' And so the problem gets worse. As a reseller, what I am to do if some of these people start asking for their money back ? I put in a new order for Kaspersky 2013 products the other day and will be receiving them today, I am in 2 minds to send the item back. I thought the System Watcher issue had been resolved, but obviously it hasnt. This is such a mess, we cannot know the reason where Kaspersky went wrong, but something is wrong, and as a user said, other antivirus companies had similar issues in the past and we all know how that turned out for them. If Kaspersky cant resolve this soon, they will be going down the same path. I am now looking into other antivirus companies to buy products its not something I want to do, but I cant be selling software to my customers then to be inundated with calls every few days on why 'their computer is slow........'
  9. This is still outstanding. I am a Kaspersky reseller. Several customers are complaining of slowdowns when opening firefox, Internet explorer and other applications. When 'System Watcher' is disabled there is no delay. This is the same on my own personal system that has 2 x Samung Pro 128GB SSD's in raid 0. All PC's, notebooks have latest version of Kaspersky (f) Most are running Windows 7 64bit. This is extremely damaging for Kaspersky reputation, several of the clients are saying if this is not resolved soon they will not be renewing their subscriptions. After watching the goings on of the 'System Watcher' issue over the last few months I am also considering dropping Kaspersky products (I have been a reseller since 2006) as I cannot have my business damaged because of such an issue. Kaspersky should have got a grip on this, but unfortunately it is still ongoing. Personally, I can understand my customers frustration and anger. My PC is custom built and it is not acceptable when a machine costing 1000's of pounds, as so to be extremely responsive, is being brought to a crawl because of a piece of software. Kaspersky this is not good ......
  10. Hi, its a clients computer so I am just going to uninstall the old version and put the new one. Do you still want a GSI report before I remove the old version? Thanks
  11. Not resolved This problem still exists in KIS 2013 13.0.14190 Specific notebook had KIS 2012 installed, never had this problem. After removal of KIS 2012 and installation of KIS 2013 problem started happening. Please can someone advise..... -- EDIT -- Sorry needed to be a bit more specific. Free Studio Version 5.5.0 IS installed on the clients machine. Should KIS 2012 resolve the problem with Free Studio Version 5.5.0 ?? Thanks
  12. Same problem here, have added the file to exclusion list but Kaspersky does not obey these rules and simply moves the item to storage..... ** EDIT ** OK, user error In the threat type I was putting the name of the file instead of the classification In this case UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic Seems to be OK now.
  13. OK, looks like I will end up disabling the antispam plugin and just rely on Thunderbird to do the filtering. Over several versions of Kaspersky antispam plugin I have found it NOT to work effectively, hence the good usage of the Mail Dispatcher/Mail Preview windows. Now that this has been removed, I have no reason to use Kaspersky antispam plugin..... Thanks for your assistance.
  14. Ah OK, thanks for informing me of this, you have saved me countless hours of troubleshooting! Do you know the reason why this was removed, I found it very useful. Now the emails I could usually block are getting into my email client..........
  15. This happens almost every time I move onto the next version of KIS. Each time it happens I promise myself that I will remeber the procedure to get everything working again. But again I have forgotten. Have spent over an hour troubleshooting, to no avail. Problem...... After installing new KIS 2011 (full uninstall was made of KIS 2010, reboot) When new email comes to the Thunderbird mail client ( I no longer get the pop up window that asks me to check the spam messages. This happens every time I do an upgrade and I usually end up spending several hours getting it to work again. Anybody got any idea how to fix this?
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