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  1. This is all with the latest version....in fact, the issues doesn't appear until after I install...reboot....update everything (a few times)....then reboot again and it's all locked up...
  2. So Getsysteminfo v6 ended up working after another couple reboots...so never got back to getting 5 loaded... Here's the zip file
  3. Yup...can't even get to my Downloads folder after downloading this to open the file. Windows just stalls... And FWIW, I've already tried completely removing Kaspersky and running both the Bitdefender and Kaspersky removal tools. I then reinstalled Kaspersky and here I am again....can't even access my files on my computer now. And yes, it works just fine both without any antivirus and with Bitdefender. And the computer a very fast modern desktop...
  4. I recently uninstalled Bitdefender IS as it was giving me issues with the Epic Launcher...so I decided to give Kaspersky TS a try. The problem I'm having is that it stalls windows 10's startup VERY long....like 5 minutes long. What happens is that Windows begins the startup process and I get to the desktop as quickly as normal...a couple of my taskbar icons load...then it just hangs. I can open internet explorer, but I can't open things like chrome. IE won't have internet access....but the application opens. Chrome takes up to 10 minutes before the application will open. The computer takes about 5 minutes before I get internet access. I'm just curious if there's an obvious quick answer to this.... Thanks. PS-- I would love to post my Kasperksy GetSystemInfo file....but it's been running for 10 minutes now and the progress bar hasn't moving a blip... (as I'm typing this....Chrome just loaded up....but it has no internet access....this is about 15 minutes since bootup)
  5. Add me to this list. I previously was using the latest NIS 204 without any issues. Then I got the black friday email from Kaspersky and decided to jump on board for 3 years... Well that was a mistake--even typing in text within this box causes skipping every few letters. Seems like this problem has been going on for a while with KIS 2014...and there's really no solution now???? :bravo: :dash1: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...9db64457ddbe3ce
  6. Title says it all. I've been away from home for a week...came home today and booted up the Win 7 PC. Everything worked fine...I updated KIS 2012 definitions...rebooted....and now I can't connect to my home network or the internet. If I disable KIS, everything connects fine (which is how I'm typing this now). Any ideas before I move to back to Bitdefender?
  7. Thanks for the reply Baz. I understand how the updating process works, I was just curious though as to why the actual downloading took so long at such low speeds. I would never expect to get 5mbs speeds, but I wouldn't expect to get the 3 kbs that I was getting either. The initial update was over 1mb and took a long time to download at 3 kb/s. Maybe future updates will be faster because of the smaller file sizes...but 3 kb/s sure is slow. I only bring this up because that was the speed I got with both KAV7 and 8 multiple times.
  8. I'm a new Kaspersky convert after many years with NOD32...all has been great so far, but I've gotta say that I'm shocked at the speed (or lack thereof) that the programs downloads updates. From within KAV7 and now KAV2009, my updater downloads updates at about 3 kb/s...I've turned off all firewalls both soft and hard, but the horrendous speed still remains. Is this normal? (I'm on a cable connection ~5mb down) Thanks.
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