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  1. thanks for the reply i have contacted tech support (INC000005142623) - and they answered a few replies - & stopped responding so after a week i contacted a supervisor and they responded once and have stopped again so i have found them to be kinda useless --------------------------- in the mean time i have been able to get Pure 3.0 to work - it even restored a backup made with KTS my problem now is that i was using KTS Backup/Restore as my mainsystem backup (i would occasionally do a WinSysImg Backup) but trying to overlay the KTS files back over the restored windows file - creates many conflicts i need to be able to run a Kaspersky restore from a boot disk from all i have found is that KTS/Kaspesky does not support this
  2. i've tried posting in the KTS forum - got no reply i've even created a couple of tickets on the tech support site (my.kaspersky.com) - after a couple of generic replies they have stopped responding very frustrating
  3. can we have a backup-restore forum BR is a major component of any system does no one use Kaspersky BR?
  4. has no one ever used restore?
  5. trying to restore a set of backups made with KTS© have newest version of KTS installed ( and it stops responding on screen asking 'Select where to place restored files' any clue what is happening?
  6. is there an area where i can submit a link for testing? i accidentally clicked on a link - and i got no kaspersky warning as it was loading but my computer is acting strange now just curious if there is an area to submit a suspicious link
  7. this worked: (1) Disable Kaspersky Self-Defense: Settings > Additional > Self-Defense. (2) Locate C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP15.0.2\Bases\KLAVA and delete the files in the folder but not the folder itself (you may need to enable “Hidden Items” under the VIEW tab). (3) Enable Kaspersky Self-Defense. (4) Start a manual update.
  8. Started getting DB out of date error yesterday run update and error remains (have got this error twice in past - requires uninstall and re-install) this is getting frustrating for this to happen once a month!!!! (icon animation is enabled system clock is correct proxy server is not used) version KTS©
  9. Started getting DB out of date error yesterday
  10. i am having the same problem - started yesterday also i am using KTS i just downloaded the newest version - and it is the exact same one as i have installed kts15.0.2.361en_7225.exe with a file size of 191,841KB now what?
  11. yep - they basically tell you to re-install i even started an incident report with support because they will not answer questions over here in the user forums so you have to go back and forth with them - every 24-48 hours they will get around to answering you every little thing with this product causes a problem - it is beyond frustrating this will be my last kasjerksy product i'm sure that will cause them to take notice :laugh3:
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