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  1. Application being blocked!

    Hi, when I run this, the command prompt comes up and exits in about 2 seconds. I read I'm supposed to type logfile to log the results however I cannot type it before it ends and it doesn't respond to anything.
  2. Application being blocked!

    This patch did not change anything. The program works on some computers running under the same policy, just not others. However, as soon as I disable Kaspersky, it works fine.
  3. Application being blocked!

    We are using Kaspersky Security Center to manage the workstations. Should I install this patch where the security center is installed, or on individual clients?
  4. Application being blocked!

    Sorry for the long gap! Here is the trace files, https://electtechnology-my.sharepoint.com/personal/mattvoight_electtechnology_com/_layouts/15/guestaccess.aspx?docid=1083e88b5443047f1bf659a5b09e4c851&authkey=AQX5P_7cDwJ8crmusU4Rnwg
  5. Application being blocked!

    It has a bunch of the different attempts we've made in it as well. Policy.klp
  6. Application being blocked!

    Endpoint Security and the Security Center version where we're setting the exception in the policy is 10.3.407.
  7. Application being blocked!

    I tried this and the application is still being blocked.
  8. Application being blocked!

    Do you mean just do "slack.exe"?
  9. I cannot seem to get the application "Slack" to work through Kaspersky. As soon as I turn off the protection, the application connects. I have made exclusions for the application itself(which resides in the appdata folder for the user instead of the program files), the updater, and the website it connects to(not sure if this actually does anything) and still cannot get the application to work while Kaspersky is running. Any suggestions?