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  1. Hi, For more than a week now, I am having a weird issue wherein the Update task is taking a ridiculously long time even though the overall file size to update is some few KBs. Please note that once the files to be updated are downloaded (which is normally within 2 mins and has been so till date), the percentage sticks at 87% wherein the status is "Updating Files". This percentage stays like that for literally a hour. Have attached 2 screenshots showing the time frame taken to update. Please don't consider the download speed shown in that. Have created a gsi report and uploaded the same. Hope that helps to identify what the issue might be GSI Parser Link:- http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...913511&ms=1 Regards, Ajay
  2. Glad to know it's resolved A PUP (potentially unwanted program) is a program that may be unwanted, despite the possibility that users consented to download it. PUPs include spyware, adware, and dialers, and are often downloaded in conjunction with a program that the user wants.
  3. Also, Oh, you are referring to the game in Facebook ... In my case also, if Private Browsing is enabled, some games don't work, especially when the dialog box has to come up for posting details to your Facebook News Feeds/Groups. e.g- Mafia Wars ....
  4. Also, Pop ups? I am not sure which pop-ups you are referring to here. KIS has never any kind of such pop-ups to me. If its a Ad type of pop-up, then you can keep Anti-Banner to be active. P.s. Browsers now-a-days have inbuilt popup blockers, just ad the link of the pop-up site to that blocker if it's a ad. Glad to know :b_lol1: :bravo:
  5. I knew my system always takes time to load during boot-up if KIS is enabled for Auto-start. Even for me it takes an average of 4-5 minutes for it to start and be loaded properly (i.e. I wait until the "Protection is Enabled" notification comes in the lower right side of the desktop). Until then I don't do any activity as it will be pretty much "sluggish" ...
  6. I had updated Firefox to v43.0.3 now. Maybe yes, now something happened and the issues got resolved :cb_punk: Cheers to all :bravo:
  7. Hi Egor, When I use the option "Send Message" in your profile, the attachment size is limited to 300KB. The attachment i.e. ZIP file is about 19.7MB. Not sure how much more I can compress with Winzip 19.0. Also, strangely now there are no issues when Private Browsing and Anti-Banner are both active, as though nothing happened. I checked even gMail and Hotmail/Live - they are all working fine ..... Looks like it got resolved without any intervention .... If it crops up, I will intimate you about it. Still, would like to know how to send any attachment greater than 300KB. Regards, Ajay
  8. When it comes to Safe Money, you have to open the safe money browser mode first and then open the bank website and then login accordingly. Even for my bank a/c, if I just open the safe money mode only for the login page, it never goes through at all. But in your case, you are saying that you are able to login successfully, maybe just disable Safe Money and Private Browsing and check which is causing the issue by disabling one or the other. Once you have figured that out, then that feature can safely be disabled when you access your bank website ...
  9. Guys, Noticed something crazy for some days. The compose function in Yahoo Mail works properly when the Anti-Banner is "Disabled". :ai: :bt:
  10. Now added steps 4 & 5 for doing the same. The attachment size is only 300KB max. It didn't allow to upload a PDF, PPT, XPS, TIF file. Just the JPG file is going though and so multiple files being uploaded literally (1-5 files).
  11. Huh? I have a desktop and a laptop. Only the desktop has KIS. Now that I think about it, even I am unable to have both of them connected ... Thanks for asking this question. I hope someone gives a solution to this.
  12. Hi wgcuser, I wouldn't dare with the Re-Install, unless you just re-install. If you uninstall and install afresh and if the license data is not there in the hard drive, you have to enter the license # again. I believe Kaspersky has a policy to allow only a certain # of fresh installations with the same license # :ai:
  13. Hi kojo+oi, The screenshot attached show that I use Firefox I have also set my Privacy Settings in Firefox to use "Private Browsing" by default so that no cookies are saved. I want my hard drive to be free of such stupid things. In private browsing, even if the setting is "Detect requests without blocking", The Yahoo mail compose feature doesn't work and that is what is irritating as it takes literally more than 10 minutes to open itself. I had an issue in the past where a certain bank website didnt work properly due to Safe Money and it ended up discouraging me from using it (though I did find the work around later), still this is another useful feature, but such inconvenience are a real dampener. I don't want to bother contacting Yahoo for them to tell me to get in touch with Kaspersky to resolve this issue ! Even for the bank website issue, I was told to contact Kaspersky and it was no use even there :dash1: until I found the workaround. .....
  14. Hi, I am currently using the KIS version i.e. ( b ). I am having this weird issue with the Private Browsing feature at the moment only for Yahoo Mail. Either via Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox 41.0, after logging into Yahoo Mail successfully, whenever I click on the "Compose" button, nothing happens. Even if I click it several times nothing happens for "Several Minutes". But when I 'switch off' the "Private Browsing" mode in the KIS Settings, the compose button works properly again. {Either I have to switch it off and then refresh the yahoo mail page so that it works OR if I switch it off and then open the browser afresh and login to compose a mail-then also it works properly} I can't keep switching off the said feature just to send mails properly via my Yahoo id ! Please also note, that I always keep the setting in Private Browsing as "Detect requests without blocking" and still it never works. The usual steps of deleting temporary internet files, cookies, history etc won't apply here as I anyways have the habit of deleting them every browser session ending to keep my system maintained properly. Please help. Thanks & Regards, Ajay
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