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  1. Hello! 1. About Browser log, as I mentioned before I cant get that log, I set different path to log, and use search to find it, without success ("show hidden files and folders" was enabled)... I use Firefox. 2. About procmon, I will try recapture log as fast as I can. 3. I will give result of commands with procmon log. If ipconfig /flushdns clear "host" file then yes issue reproduce. Yes! As I mentioned before, yes, it reproduce in Internet explorer too...
  2. Hello, is there some news? So far our marketing should quit skype to get to web, and even that not work all the time...
  3. Hello! Sorry I somehow miss that steps, now policy and GSI is on the FTP.
  4. Hi, I get log files, except Firefox log files, try 3 times and cant find log file... Should I store log files on FTP what you send me earlier?
  5. 2 more question: "2. Enable wireshark logging" - Is this mean simply start wireshark? "3. Start logging with procmon (from sysinternals suite)" - How to do this step?
  6. Yes it happens on any site. Issue occurs randomly, if it happen, I have to turn off KES, then sites start to load, then turn back, sites again dont load, but then it works with KES running, I cant reproduce issue. It is not like this issue happen all the time, there is days when all works correct, days then one or two host have problems, and days then all 5 hosts, on witch this issue be monitored before are effected... I am really confused with this issue, because we have almost identical configured hardware and software hosts on witch this issue never happen... I will try to get needed software and next time then issue happen, will try to get info.
  7. Hi! will be hard to do... 1. I cant reproduce issue, it happen randomly on some of 5 hosts. We have same configured computers, on witch never happen that issue... So I can only wait for issue, and when it happen try to trace... 2. What is wireshark? And how I can enable logging. 3. What is procmon? And how I can i start logging with that? 4.5 Is that mean what i need simply enter site what should be loaded?
  8. Hello! I run netstat -b and lot of connections have only firefox and skype, both are "Trusted".
  9. Hello, As I say, I tried to disable anything, one by one, and all together... Network Attack Blocker and Firewall always is off. We have our own firewall...
  10. I disable everything, one by one, and all together, with hope to find what exactly cause problem... It not work...
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