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  1. Thank you richbuff, I did go ahead and uninstall and reinstalled again and this time it did change to patch (e). I do appreciate your help in this matter. :ay:
  2. DonKid I had to take my computer into the repair shop for them to install a new hard drive. When I got it home, it had McAfee in it again, so I ran the regular uninstall through windows, and then ran the uninstall program again that you all point to. Had no problems with that. After that I reinstalled Kaspersky Internet Security from the link above. I know the last time I did that and updated when it told me to right after if put version (e) in, but for some reason this time it is still reading c even after a restart. How do I get patch (e) for it now? I do want to stick with version 16, because I use safe money a lot, and that was the only one that worked right. I do not want version 17. Please can you help me with this. Do I uninstall Kaspersky again, and try and reinstall it, or what? I have tried running update several times and restarted.
  3. Thank you Berny....I guess for now I will leave it off. At least until I hear what kind of problems that it does cause on others computers. God knows I need no more problems, as I like to never got my computer to boot back into windows after the anniversary update, and still randomly have problems. I do like the Kaspersky product very much and don't want to do anything to make it not work right. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you aramil for answering my question. I do hope that it works that way. I do hope that a moderator will also answer this question for me.
  5. I found a wiki page on Configuring Kaspersky Internet Security 2016: https://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/config_KIS2016 and it states : " On systems prior to Windows 10, Windows Defender must be disabled also. Start > (enter Defender in the search bar) > Windows Defender > Tools > Options > Administrator > Untick Use this program Save Close" " I have left Windows Defender in its default state on all the Windows 10 systems that I have done and it is behaving well. There is No need to touch Windows Defender in any way on Windows 10. " Everything in the quotation marks was stated on the wiki page made by wiskas. My question is: Is this true? I am running windows 10 home version 1607 OS Build 14393.82, with Kaspersky Internet Security and right now I have Windows Defender Shut off but according to this article I can turn it all back on with no problems. Am I right in this, or should I keep Windows Defender Shut down completely?
  6. I like to run the program Jv16 Power Tools some time, and I have it on my computer. It tells me to add it to the Exclusion List on Kaspersky 16, can some one please tell me how to do that? :aa:
  7. You can check it. It won´t download 2017 version. :bravo: Thank you again, guess you can consider this topic closed, as that seems to have corrected most all of the problems I was having. Bless you and have a good evening.
  8. Thank you again, but I figured it out, finally got it to run in Safe Mode, and installed the 2016 version you referred me to, and now everything seems to be fine for the time being. Had it to update and now running version (e). There is one more thing I need to ask: on this version if you go to Settings - Additional - Update - the Download and install new versions automatically (recommended) is Checked - Do I need to uncheck this, and tell it not to download new versions automatically? I just don't want to end up back with the 2017 version at this time....maybe a couple of months down the road but not anytime soon.
  9. Ok, DonKid I have a problem. I save the KAV Remover exe on my computer, but it will not let me run it in Safe Mode. Infact when I click on it, it does nothing. Do I have to start up possibly in Safe Mode with Networking, or can I just shut my Kaspersky off and just run it in regular windows? Need Help please :dash2:
  10. Thank you again, and I will start doing what all you said right now....will let you know how it goes when I get through. Bless you my good man, and you have a wonderful day.
  11. Thank you DonKid, I have saved it on my computer, so that I will have it to install. Can you possibly tell me if it will have all the patches that come with it, or will it have to update all of those? Also is it compatible with the Windows 10 - Build 14393.51 ? (Anniversary update - which is what is on my machine now)
  12. I can do all of this except installing the 2016 version. I have no way of doing that, I originally put my KAS Internet Security in with a disk back in Nov 2014 with a 2 year license. After having several issues, before, they had me to update to the newest build which was the 2016 version, that was done through this forum. I do not have a 2016 version disk, and if I click on the 2016 version on any of the Kaspersky sites, it tries to run the newest build which is 2017. So how can I do that? Waiting for answer before I do anything...thank you.
  13. Wanted to let you know also that I just got through running a Vulnerability Scan with Kaspersky that is suppose to be on my machine. Brought up two that I went ahead and fixed: IE caching of data that is received over a secure channel was enabled, and IE sending error reports was also enabled. Also if I click on support or help or info from my Kaspersky it always takes me to the page for Kaspersky 2016 not the Kaspersky 2017 info. Peggy
  14. GetSystem Info Attached you will find my Get system Info. I am having a few problems, last week my computer upgraded itself from Windows 10 Version 1511 Build 10586.494 to Windows 10 Version 1607 Build 14393.51. This started without me having the time to uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security 16 something. I don't remember what I had, but everything was working fine until the computer updated. Anyway during the update my computer went to a black screen for 8 hours and I could not do nothing, so I shut it off with the power button on the tower. I had to do this about 6 times before I ever got it to go into windows. When it did come up my Kaspersky Internet Security was not on my machine no more, along with CCleaner, and a couple of other programs that had to do with family history. So I told it to restore back to my older version of windows and it could not do it, so I tried restoring from a restore point, and it said there was none, and I know there should have been. Anyway I finally told it to reinstall windows but to save my files, supposedly it did that, but now my computer says I have Window 10 Version 1607 build 14393.51. It also installed Norton, still no Kaspersky. Also lost my Microsoft Office 2010, and CCleaner. So I came to the forum and downloaded how to uninstall Norton, and ran the tool you all had, after I uninstalled it from the control Panel. Then I shut it down and restarted the machine (still problems in that area) also installed Kaspersky Internet Security 17. Now I have Ran a full virus scan on my computer, and it found nothing. Problem is now I am having a lot of notifications on data base updates, that seem to all be successful, and also a lot of "Suspicious Activity Blocking" coming up the last couple of days. Can't figure that one out at all. Another problem I am having is with Safe Money - it comes up with a yellow screen, saying Kaspersky Internet Security is not providing complete protection of your data, driver for protection against screenshots is disabled, when I click on Details it takes me to page in picture Is there any way at all I can go back to Kaspersky Internet Security 16 © I think it was? If not can you all please try and help me with all of this, I really need to sign into my bank. Thank you, Peggy :dash1:
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