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  1. Hi Evgeny, the incident number is: INC000009342030 Regards.
  2. Hi Ivan, sorry for the delay. Here you are the GSI report and trace 500 file of KSC and PXE computer (with only the network agent). https://drive.google.com/open?id=15dSKXRA5dIZ5Q17d_6T7Aa6erROi9JLq Thanks, Antonio
  3. Hi Nikolay, I've configured the PXE as described in the Admin Guide, (one Pc with only the network agent on it and in the list of the PXE servers for the deplyment of the image), but I don't know if it is really working...I've ttached the trace of the network agent of this machine in my previous post, so you can see if there is someting strange in it (I've not seens something usefull for me). In the capture of the traffic I see that when I start the bare metal machine, there is a dhcp request and offer, but after this two packets, I don't see other traffic from this machine (seems that this machine don't use the ip address offer from the dhcp), and there is no traffic between this machine and the PXE server machine. If you have suggests for the troubleshooting of this problem, trace, capture packets, and so on, let me know. Thanks
  4. If I do a packet capture on the network, during the boot of the bare metal virtual machine, I see only the DHCP request and the DHCP offert, but anything else happens...the client never try to connect to PXE server.. I've enabled the network agent trace on the machine designated as PXE server in KSC, and I attach it's trace file. Which can be the problem? $klnagent-1103.zip
  5. Hi Evgeny, I've made as you suggest with a test pc with ony network agent on it, and then defined as PXE server on the network, but the result is always the same as before.
  6. Hi, here it is the GSi of the KSC server. GSI6_KSC_Administrator_06_19_2018_17_49_11.zip
  7. Hi Ivan, I'm working on KSC with the Administrator user and is the same that start the tasks. The environment is a lab where all is virtualized (KSC and machines where deploy the images). The KSC is installed on a Windows 2016 server (x64) and in the same VLAN there is the VM where to deploy the OS. The AD, DNS, DHCP is on another VLAN, but there is the routing and DHCP relay between the VLANS ans all traffic is permitted. The firewalls on the KSC machine are off. The Image that I want to deploy is stored on the KSC folder as package to install remotly (in my lab the path of the package is \\KSC\KLSHARE\OsImages\pxe_osimage_package_10.0.16299)
  8. In the events of KSC I've found the following error related to PXE.
  9. Hi, here are some screenshots of my configuration, vm messages on boot and wireshark capture on vlan side where is the vm where I want to desploy the os image with KSC.
  10. Hi Bernak, in my tests I'm using the Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security Enterprise license.
  11. Hi, I've got a KSC 10SP3 (latest release) installed on Windows 2016 server. I'm trying to desploy Windows OS (W10) to a bare metal machine (I've got the KSC license and the firewall is off on the KSC machine that must act as PXE server (I've installed on the KSC server the WIndows ADK for Windows 10 and select to install the deployment tools and Windows PE). Then I've created an installation package from a Windows 10 DVD image. I've then assigned the PXE role to my KSC server and added a device MAC address with assigned the package created before. On the same network of the bare metal machine I've got the DHCP server on another server and KSC is on the same network (no PXE options are specified in DHCP server). When i start the bare metal machine, I see the bootp requests on the networks, but after a while there is the message error that no PXE boot file has been found. I need to configure the DHCP options for the PXE on the DHCP server? I've read in the forum that is no more necessary in the latest relases of KSC. If I try to configure on WIndows 2016 server the Windows Deployment Services, my bare metal machine during the boot find this PXE server, so is my KSC 10 that is not acting as PXE Server..... How to debug in more detail the problem? Thanks
  12. Hi Nikolay, the request number is INC000009307018 Regards, Antonio
  13. Hi, I've configured File Integrity Monitoring in Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10.1 for Windows Server as follow (with a KSC policy): And in the event log when one of the file operations is triggered in the monitored area, I've got an event log like the following: In this event log I don't have the name of the file or directory modified, and I don't have the details of the users that has made the action. Is possible to have these informations regarding the name of the object modified and the name of the user? This can be very usefull now with the new GDPR regulation. Thanks
  14. HI, I've reinstalled all from scratch and now all the services are working well, but the only problems that I have got is that in the Dashboard, I have only the link for the KSV Light agent, so if I need to access the Integration Server, I need to use this link, I remember that in the previous version there were two different links, one for each solution... Is there a date for the release of the KSV 5 agentless? Probally using the same release the problem is not present... Regards
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