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  1. Hi Ivan, on the Hyper-v host I've disabled the firewall to be sure that there are no ports necessary blocked, but the problem is as descripted in the previous post... I've checked with neststat command on the hyper-v host and only the TCP ports 135 and 445 are in listening state, and no UDP ports are open on 135 and 445 (see schreenshot attached). If I try to telnet these ports from another machine, (the firewall is off on both machines), I'm not able to connets to port 135 tcp o port 445 tcp of the hyper-v machine. If I lunch again the deployment job, I have the same error (see screenshot of the part of the task job log with the error message). But in the error message seems that the problem is due to a "mount vhd image file" exception .....is there some settings that I miss? The problem is the same if I use the domain administrator account and if I create a domain account that is member on the hyper-v host of the Remote Management Users group and the local Administrators group of this host.
  2. Hi Dmitry, the problem is always the same. See screenshot and log file. Regards KasperskyDeploymentWizard.log
  3. Hi Dmitry, I've tried to do the same deploy but on a esx server instead of hyper-v (using the proper image) and on this hypervisor the deploy is able to reach the end without errors. I'm still not enable to do the same deploy on a Hyper-v host.
  4. Hi Konstantin, I've checked the ports between the hyper-v and KSC and are open between them. To be sure that was not the firewall that block the ports, I've disabled it on hyper-v server (IP address where I want to deploy the KSV VM and also on the Kaspersky Security Center server (IP address My DHCP server IP address is (in the deployment task I've leaved the option to obtain the ip address via DHCP server). I've captured the traffic from the beginning of the KSV deployment phase until the error, on the KSC server with wireshark in promiscuous mode and I don't see DHCP requests to the DHCP server during the KSV VM deployment. I upload the the deployment job log. Antonio KasperskyDeploymentWizardLog.txt
  5. Hi, the VM SVM has been created by the SVM deployment task wizard, and I've used during the wizard the package for hyper-v downloaded from the following link: https://products.s.kaspersky-labs.com/multi... The strange is that other machines on the same host are able to get the IP address from a DHCP server connected to the same vswitch... Regards.
  6. Hi Konstantin, I've uploaded the hyper-v switch configuration of the Public network. Regards, Antonio
  7. Hi Konstantin, here it is the screenshots of the network settings of VM created from the SVM Deployment task on the Hyper-v machine. Regards, Antonio
  8. Hi, I've got problems to install SVM to an hyper-v server because during the SVM deployment process of KVM for light agent 4.0 on Hyper-v (windows 2012 r2 with latest updates), the virtual appliance installation fail the process to get and available IP addresses for SVM (I've got the same identical error if I choose to assign a static IP address during the deployment phase). If I start another VM on the same hosts, there are no problems for these to get a DHCP IP address correctly from an external DHCP server on the same VLAN where I'm trying to install th SVM appliance. How to solve this error? See screenshot uploaded for details and the log of the install task. Thanks KasperskyDeploymentWizardLog.txt report.txt