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  1. Hi, we are facing an issue with the update for "kaspersky anti-virus for workstation"-"blacklist verification failed" (screen shot attached) the version which is running on my network Kaspersky Security center 10.1.249 Network agent 10.1.249 Kaspersky Antiv-virus for windows workstation (due to system configuration low) Instead of getting an update from "kaspersky lab server", we tried with "kaspersky update utility", the updates are working fine, even though the downloaded updates are pushing from the --> kaspersky security center only, to the clients Kindly give us the solution,
  2. Hi, The files are upload the successfully in css, the AVZ logs.. totally.. please check and update INC000002828644
  3. Hi, we are unable to load the log files to css incident, its took more time to upload and its time session expired, total size of the file is 147MB, if you want only the log file which i can able to submit ri8.. now.. r else pls suggest where can i upload?? avz_log.txt
  4. Every 2hours the issue are happening, and more systems work fine, only the internet connection will not work, like skype, outlook mails will not load, (which are the application using internet total it will stop, they can't ping any host, internet). only they have to stop the protection of kaspersky completely or they have to restart the pc. for your information i hereby attached event logs report. kavlog.rar
  5. Thanks for the reply Sazhin, Since its big network(around 800 PC) , we can't judge which system will get the issue, so we are unable do the process which you suggested... Kindly provide some other solution
  6. Hi, there is problem in one of the client place, internet disconnects very often, if there are completely pause the protection of kaspersky endpoint security, then its start's work, Basic Troubleshooting we tried for your reference, 1) Uninstalling the NDIS filter- still persists 2) Disable the firewall component- still persists 3) Add the local subnet ip into Trusted & Local network in Firewall Network packet rules - Still persists So finally we analyzed kaspersky getsystem info report, we couldn't able to find out the issue, for your reference, i am hereby sending the get system info report for your reference. from the 3 problematic pc Since its creating the big issue for their production, kindly help me to solve the issue. screen shots, logs are updated in CSS.. INCIDENT ID :- INC000002828644
  7. Thanks for the reply, Karolis, but the customer wants that option has to present in Kaspersky, because other anti-virus vendor are providing the option. i need some guidence, to create any batch file or any other option to provide the solution to the customer. Thanks, Joe....
  8. Dear all, Can you please anyone help me out... the below When we plug in the pendrive, It should prompt for username and password at client machine. via.. Kaspersky Security Center.. by joe..
  9. HI, Go to File Anti-virus --> setting --> additional tab --> select option --> on access and modification. save the settings
  10. Thanks Mikhail, once i run that tool and update you the status same... By Joe,
  11. Thanks for the reply Mikahil, ok as per your if fwe run the tool, it will uninstall only the Administration kit, Becuase it's 500 user network it wont remove the Kaspersky security center, or else is it any precaution required before running the tool(Stop the Kaspersky center service or safe mode) like this.. By Joe...
  12. Hi Mikhil, Sorry foe the delay, here by sending the logs from the Kaspersky Security Center PC.. as attached.. i am waiting for you'r update... By Joe... log_from_6_2012.rar
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