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  1. I am really struggling to understand how to grant users rights to make changes to their Kaspersky clients. As a specific example I want a user to be able to mark a specific file that Kaspersky thinks is a Trojan as safe. (BTW Kaspersky does a good job of detecting this file) In the client I can go to Trusted Zone but the options to Add exclusions is greyed out as are all other options. It looks like I cannot manage a single user. I have to put that user in a Group and then set properties for that Group? Is that correct? Also I have not worked out how to give permissions to users or groups for them to make changes to their settings. How to allow users, for example, to make changes to their own Trusted zone? There also does not seem a way to mark a file as safe other than by going into settings and setting an exclusion. E.g. there is nothing that can be done with the Backup of the file. There is a restore option but as soon as that is selected the file is detected as a threat again and goes back into the backup! I have looked at the documentation and the help and the forums a few times and not been able to resolve the above.
  2. Where do I find the Network Agent? Nowhere in the create policy wizard or in the policy properties do I see anything about Network Agent. I can create an Active, Inactive or Mobile user policy but none mention network agent. We have Kaspersky BusinessSpace Security UK Edition. 10-14. WAIT. I have found that if don't use the buttons in the Getting Started.Managed Computers>Policies but right-click on Policies in Managed Computers I see something subtly different. I see an Application Name drop-down. And at the bottom of the list of Application Names is "Network Agent" (an Application Name??). I run through that and create a policy. Now in that policy, which looks just like any other 'policy' in the list, when I right click I see at a Network tab. Now if I look carefully I see Connection Profiles way down at the bottom. Now I have entered a new room, sitting in the corner is an Add button. At first it doesn't say anything but clicking on it the magic words 'Server address' appear .... Sorry but finding this was harder than many Tomb Raider levels I've played. :dash1: Thanks for your help anyway.
  3. Kaspersky 6.04 and Admin Kit 8.0.2163 New to Kaspersky. I have connected up one of our users in the office and I can see him on the Administration Server. How do I set it up so that he will connect to the Administration kit when he is working from home? I can't find anywhere to enter network settings. I can find somewhere to enter the port numbers but obviously when the user is working from home the Kaspersky Network agent will need an external IP address to be able to connect to our main site. I have (even) looked in the help it it talks about a Network Tab but I have hunted through properties and settings on the client and the Admin server and can't find it anywhere.
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