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  1. This topic is about an upgrade issue from old KSC (and KES) to this new KSC (and KES), which needs to be solved - it is regarding the change of MD5 to SHA256 hashes in Programm Categories. This change already happened with the release of KSC 10.4.343 and KES 10 SP2, but has not yet been solved. MD5 hashes for programms (for example exe files) under "Programm Categories" in KSC 10.4.343 are not supported/working anymore if you use them together with KES 10 SP2. KES 10 SP2 does only understand SHA256 hashes, MD5 are not working/supported anymore. But we have several customers (big license ownsers of 100s and 1000s of kaspersky licenses) using the Programm Categories, in which they have created 100s of MD5 hashes for black- and or whitelisting to work with their KES policies. And currently there is no way to migrate the MD5 hashes to SHA256. This is a big problem for the customers. Now my question: Will the KES 11 allow to use MD5 Hashes together with SHA256, but only accept new hashes to be created as SHA256. Otherwise the customers we have are not able to migrate to a new KES version (KES 10 SP2 or KES 11) without having to spend big time and invest heavy resources to recreate every hash code in the programm categories to SHA256. Some hashes are hard to recreate again for these customers. Or will Kaspersky offer a special workaround to automatically migrate MD5 hashes to SHA256 in KSC (upgrade) to solve this problem for KES 11 policies? Thank you in advance for your answer.
  2. Dear Kirill, there are basically two bugs: - Bug one is the buttons "Send" and "do not send", which are not fully visible - Bug two is the size of the window, which does not fully pop up when you click on "here" to receive the full data report. It stays in the size as before, which is not correct. When it shows me the info, I cannot see the "Send" and "Do not send" buttons anymore. Does this description help?
  3. I have the same on my test environment: If I click on "here", i get following result: It looks like there is something missing below.....
  4. there is another window, which has an invisible button -> "Close": And another window in KES 11 with invisible buttons:
  5. I found the problem. I created the IP range during the server quick start wizard, asking what network to poll. So I defined my IP range. But the polling of IP ranges itself was not activated in the KSC, as i was checking the settings (configure polling) of ip ranges: This was the reason the polling of ip ranges did not work at all... but i wonder why the button to poll ip ranges could be pressed initially, as polling ip ranges was not allowed. It was first not greyed out, and it could be pressed without error message (no "polling is deactivated" message).
  6. There seems to be a bug: If you go to Network Poll on the left, you see the different polling possibilities: If you click on "Poll now", it starts to poll and you see a progress bar moving (like above on the screenshot at Windows Network Polling). The problem I have: If I click on "IP range polling", the "Poll now" line is greyed out, but no progress bar ist displayed. And it somehow does not finish at all ("Poll now" stays greyed out - see screenshot below):
  7. Small issue: After installation of KSC Beta you go throught the first wizard. During the creation of the first KES 11 policies, you get to the following screen about the scan exclusions and trusted zone. The "OK" button below is somehow looking invisible, but working fine:
  8. I can report a successful installation of the KSC Beta on a Windows 2016 Server (German language).
  9. After successful installation of the patch a for KSC console, I found a version change in the "about ksc" in the console (see screenshot). The new version of the KSC console is now: 10.4.3027. This version change does only happen, if the KSC console is installed as stand alone and the patch a is installed for console. After installation of server patch a, the version of the KSC console did NOT change. (see second screenshot). I dunno if this is a bug. Also again: Typo of successfully after installation of patch a for console.
  10. The installation of the patch a for Network Agent on a client was also working perfectly. Agent is doing its job again like it should do (see klnagchk screenshot) Hint: Also here please fix the typo at successfully.
  11. hello, Patch a installation was successfull. KSC service has restarted and is running. I am continuing my tests - if I find something not working, I will report. Hint: Please fix the typo in the successfully output after installation of the server patch - see attached screenshot. Regards Frank
  12. I successfully installed an update of German "KES" to "KES MR3; MR4_beta" using the full package of KES 10 SP1 MR4 Beta. After upgrade installation there was a message "Successful installed patch". The update task shows now, that there is a reboot neccessary because of an update. New beta key installed, update running fine. System used was a Windows 10 Enterprise, German version, 1607.
  13. Today I tested another system -> Windows 10 Enterprise 1607 Build 14393.447 - 64 Bit German --- with KES installed (also German version). - I installed KES 10 and activated it with the given activation code. - After changing download location to https://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/ap/ and downloading the signatures, again nothing happened after the download (180+MB). I still miss the question about approving a received patch (locally).
  14. I tried on another system -> Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1 (German release) and KES (English release) installed. The same story -> Updates are downloaded, but no message appears to install an update patch. Hint: Both installations have been done locally on the machine without the use of a KSC server.
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