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  1. Unfortunately my friend won't be able to use all the features of KASPERSKY PLUS on his pc. KASPERSKY VPN will not be Unlimited, as they said. unfortunately better change option.
  2. I just think I should have looked favorably on KTS consumers who have more than 530 days of license, and given a bonus with an unlimited vpn. Unfortunately this was a disappointment and in my opinion. 😒
  3. Support response. Thank you for contacting Kaspersky Technical Support. Thank you for waiting for the investigation, sorry for the delay. I checked with our development team, and it was verified that the Kaspersky Total Security license will not guarantee Unlimited VPN. Unlimited VPN Service is only for customers who purchase Kaspersky Plus or Kaspersky Premium license. In your case, you have Kaspersky Total Security license, and you are activating Kaspersky Plus with it, which will not guarantee Unlimited VPN. I ask that if you face any difficulties again, or if you have any questions about our application, please contact us for verification. My question, this is not what was said here on the forum, as this message is being informed: What I have left is waiting until the end of the year as Danila T reported: "Kaspersky is now working to ensure that your KTS license is compatible with the new version of our software. We plan to complete this work by the end of this year."
  4. Yes My pc was restarted today. I updated the database in a few minutes the icon returned to normal. Is it a bug in Antivirus, and as if the icon had frozen.
  5. Good afternoon, Could someone tell me what is happening with Kaspersky, the image below informs what I want to tell you. Kaspersky is ok updated, but if you look at the icon that is on the windows taskbar, the icon is in red, what will it be?
  6. I understand your opinion. Since Kaspersky is a security company and not a company that cleans unnecessary files. Leave it to companies like CCLEANNER, which has been on the market for many years and knows what it does. I was just giving an opinion but I know that nobody here will recognize that. more is just an opinion. What I come to show here are real facts, Ccleanner cleans more temporary files than kaspersky, and what ccleananner really cleans is unnecessary files.
  7. There is no argument against facts. do a search for temporary files with ccleanner and kaspersky, CCLERANNER will find it much more garbage than kaspersky, look, I'm only talking about temporary files what I'm talking about is FACT, and it's already been tested. Kaspersky please improve this search.
  8. I had to talk about another software that does the job more perfectly.
  9. I've always cleaned with ccleanner and never lost it.
  10. I wonder why moderators like to say that everything is perfect in kaspersky and do not accept the observations that we said that there is a lot more missing to be better in the case of the cleaner that lacks many folders to be scanned.
  11. We're not talking about what you said, we're saying that Kaspersky could find a lot more files and scan more files doing it like ccleanner.
  12. @jonny quest Our friend agreed with me, I think it's poor cleaning. 😊
  13. But it's missing folders to do browser checks that ccleanner enters to scan.
  14. Mas eu estou falando que o Kaspersky não limpa historico de navegação dos navegadores, e o ccleaner limpa... o KASPERSKY limpa so temporarios de windows. o que eu queria que o KASPERSKY tivesse o poder de limpar tudo menos registro do windows.
  15. Good evening, could anyone tell me why the PC Acceleration tool that comes with Kaspersky PLUS does not completely clean the computer, when I scan it with CCleaner it finds many more files to be removed than the KASPERSKY tool. Could someone tell me why this is? 🤔 I'm finding more advantage of using Ccleaner than the Kaspersky tool. 🙄
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