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  1. If you are using Kaspersky Protection, disable it and see if it resolves it. Disable Spam to see if that helps too
  2. É importante entender que o uso de VPN (Rede Privada Virtual) para acessar serviços bancários pode ser um pouco complexo e pode variar dependendo de vários fatores. Vou tentar fornecer algumas informações relevantes: Bloqueio de VPN pela Caixa Econômica Federal: Alguns bancos, incluindo a Caixa, podem ter políticas específicas em relação ao uso de VPNs para acessar suas plataformas online. É possível que a Caixa tenha implementado medidas de segurança que detectam e bloqueiam o tráfego de VPNs para proteger as contas dos clientes. Possíveis razões para o problema: Detecção de VPN: A Caixa pode estar detectando o uso de uma VPN e bloqueando o acesso por motivos de segurança. Configurações de VPN: Verifique se sua VPN está configurada corretamente. Certifique-se de que você está conectado a um servidor VPN confiável. Localização do servidor VPN: Alguns servidores VPN podem estar localizados em países diferentes. Tente usar um servidor VPN no Brasil para acessar a Caixa. Firewall ou Antivírus: Verifique se o firewall ou o antivírus não está bloqueando a conexão VPN. Lembre-se de que a segurança bancária é crucial. Se você não conseguir resolver o problema, considere acessar sua conta diretamente, sem usar uma VPN, para garantir a segurança dos seus dados financeiros.
  3. Unsigned Programs: Kaspersky allows unsigned programs to run in the background during installation because the background scan doesn’t check files whose content is located in the OneDrive cloud storage. Therefore, Kaspersky provides this functionality to balance security and performance, allowing automatic scans without constantly interrupting the user with notifications.
  4. Thank you, this second link is more up to date. Article ID: 119653, Last review: Mar 19, 2024
  5. Since you know the details of the changelog, post it in the other topic, because no one knows the details. Put the link in the other topic Thanks!
  6. Sorry friend, I thought you were wanting to know details of the update and there is a topic that was created to know about details. But sorry if I misunderstood my friend. Hugs
  7. Friend, I think this topic would be better in this topic where the changelog is discussed. Would it be better to continue on this topic?
  8. I understood what you said. I'm going to leave it blocked here like the images at the beginning of the topic as I was told. I will wait for a future version of the product. let's say it changes to 21.17. I'll check if it will really work and I'll block it in practice. I'll be here in the future to post whether it worked or not. This test that I am going to do will be useful for someone else who has the same doubt about the subject. I would like to thank everyone for the clarification on this matter. I will be posting the result soon. Thanks!
  9. Amigo, já tentou conectar a sua conta my kaspersky?
  10. As far as I know, there is no way to see the files that are being digitized. The image informs that I am scanning through My Kaspersky and I do not see what is being scanned.
  11. Good evening, From what I understand, I can normally leave it blocked for new versions as stated here in this topic. The patches that will come during the months which will possibly be (d), (e), (f) .... will be installed automatically as soon as the database is updated? To block the version that is 21.16 for the future product 21.17, with this information here in the topic will the blocking work?
  12. Someone who followed this topic saw what I did to block Kaspersky application updates with the help of friends here. I did everything else when version (c) came out. It wasn't supposed to be updated, since I had blocked it. But it didn't work, does anyone have another alternative to blocking the Kaspersky version? 😐
  13. I understand after our friend @Xzz123 reported, anyway it will be updated, friend don't worry. If it's a forced update from Microsoft, it's better to let it happen. 🙂 Now, if you are updating the database, it is best to follow the instructions from friend @Flood and Flood's wife who explained in detail what you have to do. Hugs. ☺️
  14. After all the procedures done, it still didn't work, try contacting Kaspersky support.
  15. The best alternative to this problem is to talk to support, as it works with the free chatgpt version, when you use the paid one it doesn't work. https://support.kaspersky.com/us/b2c/us If support helped you, please come back to this topic and update us on how it was fixed, it will help other people who have the same problem. Thanks
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