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  1. The Kernel-Power error message (ID 41) states that the system restarted without properly shutting down. This can be caused if the system stops responding, crashes or loses power unexpectedly. ☺️
  2. I'm using a free VPN, called URBAN VPN, it has for all countries.
  3. The same thing happened to me a while ago, luckily I had already seen what it was for my system.😁
  4. When Kaspersky is installed in Windows Defender and automatically disabled
  5. Does anyone on the forum have any news about the fix that Kaspersky reported it would make? I was looking at Kaspersky released version - The problem is that it doesn't say what has been fixed. Someone has detailed what was fixed in this version because until now we are waiting for answers on the title of this post here in the forum.
  6. It was commented on in this topic, take a look there, and try to do the following. Open Kaspersky Free main application window. Select Settings ⚙ icon, lower left-hand-side of window. Select Manage settings. Select Restore, select Next, select Confirm, select Done. Shutdown the computer using SHUTDOWN, not Restart, when the computer if fully OFF, power ON, by pressing the power button, login, recheck the original issue?
  7. I will take a look at this program to defragment my HD.
  8. We will be waiting for the link or the source of this information, since we need a date to make this update since my Operating System is out of date, because if I update it, it will break.
  9. Unfortunately you don't have that option. But thanks for your attention.
  10. I use a defragmenter because I still use HD on my computer, so it becomes very fragmented. There's another thing, Windows Proprio Defragmenter, which is very limited and doesn't do complete defragmentation. the algorithm is very simple. 😐
  11. Good afternoon, I use a tool called Defraggler to defrag my disk. but the C:\ drive is not defragmented because Kaspersky won't let it. What I have to do? Below is the image of the error you get when you try to defrag and KASPERSKY won't let you: The error information I will put here in English for a better understanding: "Defrag aborted. No files were defragmented. Thi operation cannot be done."
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