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  1. I think once it is set in the admin server properties you just have to check the box. You could go into advanced settings and add a title or some such to make it easier to see at a glance what is hapening or to test though.
  2. I sometimes find some computers don't reboot after the install despite the fact that the deployment package says they should. In that case I run a batch file with shutdown /r commands in from a server with snmp installed.
  3. Just for the record admin kit ver 1152 and KAV ver 676 have worked flawlessly for me, solved all the silly problems I had gotten from the last set of updates. Much improved!
  4. If you open the task and then goto history, click on one of the failed machines select the top event. It should give more details on why it failed.
  5. I make sure the network agent is installed before I try and deploy the latest KAV version. At least that way I know in advance that the machine is ready for deployment. Makes diagnosing faults easier.
  6. I tend to install it on a clean machine (or as clean as possible) and goto the hard disk file share. The KPD file can be found at C:\kav\WinWorkstation\english on any machine on which it is installed.
  7. Remote deployment of ver 1152 does'nt work either. Have yet to visit the site to try a manual install, will keep you informed.
  8. Can you see copies of a machine in the unassigned section? For example:- ScottVPC ScottVPC-1 ScottVPC-2 if so try deleting the copies and synchronising the one that is left.
  9. Ok I have been having lots of fun with this latest version of admin kit and KAV for Workstations. Most of them are now ok but this one machine is a little odd. used to have network agent 1149 on without problems. The service for the network agent does'nt have a full path to the exe file. Basically instead of this "C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\NetworkAgent\klnagent.exe" I only get "klnagent.exe" and the service does'nt start. Have obviously tried manual reinstalls as well as network deployments but all still look the same, any thoughts?
  10. Couple of ideas, possibly very silly. 1) Have you tried highlighting it and pressing the delete button? (can't say as I've ever used the delete option via a menu) 2) what happens if you remove the package from the share folder manually?
  11. Have you logged in as an administrator to the admin kit? Have you stopped the task before trying to delete it. If it still thinks it has something to do it won't let you delete the task.
  12. I have had this happen before. Uninstall and reinstall. If you can't do it so easily follow these steps. Reboot into safe mode. Disable the Kaspersky Network Agent service. Reboot normally. Uninstall. Reinstall.
  13. I am still getting this error. Have also had a few workstations on which I have manually installed 5.0.528 on which the admin kit cannot or will not see the application as being installed. Is there any resolution of this issue yet?
  14. No manual install does'nt work. I get the message "Error 1314. The specified path Data\ is unavailable." Fair point about the repeat entries. I should have looked for that. There was one which has now been deleted. The remote install still does'nt work though. In the history the reason for failure lists as "Remote installation failed on the host: Installer error: -3 (Required data not found in the Setup.iss file (i.e. unexpected dialog appeared).)" Which I assume would be the message from the manual install as well.
  15. Have you downloaded the MSDE kit? If not try that first.
  16. It's a 2k machine so it's not the firewall. All installs are now done by ip address and not DNS name since I had trouble during a domain switchover. Administrator account has been entered correctly. I did not unistall the old agent at first (never needed to via remote install before) though I have now. Remote install won't work. Even when trying to install locally this won't work though. The standard install ends where you have seen it. I really don't want to have to format the machine and reinstall everything. Any other ideas?
  17. Recently upgraded from 1149 admin kit to 1151 and have a few machines that won't accept the network agent. In the task history it says that the host is unavailable and sits running for over 24 hours. I've gone to one of these machines to install it manually but it stos at 10% while creating folders and gives me a 1314 error "The specified path Data\ is unavailable" have included a screen shot. I'll not be touching any of the othe machines until I find out what this is, been using KAV for over a year and not had an error like this.
  18. As long as you have a two way VPN setup properly it should'nt be a problem. We run a few slave servers on different domains and IP ranges that way.
  19. Yes there are more in the unassigned section of the adminkit. I've tried deleting them but they come straight back. Any idea why?
  20. Yes I know that. The fact is that if I put the tasks in the Clear Office group they don't seem to show on the machine's users tasks. However they do run according to the reports (it's not the preset defaults either. I disable them) No they are'nt. The machines are doing a full scan, however no entry is being placed into the Last Full Scan column. It's a wierd problem for me, I am running the admin kit on a few sites now and have about 100 machines over several sites running nicely with it. It's just this one. I assume it's something to do with the server but I can't figure out what.
  21. This is on a machine running windows server 2003 and sql server 2000. I have attached a picture to make it a little more clear. Basically the machines shown can synchronise and say they are visible yet do not have the tasks in their tasks subfolder listed in the KAV workstations (ver 5.0.227) User's Tasks section. They appear to run them in their reports section. If I put these taks in the tasks folder above them they list and run but of course they then synchronise accross the slave servers which I don't want. EDIT- I have now got one of these local machines to have the tasks show in their User's Tasks section. I ran a full scan through the admin kit. It will change the virus count (definately not a virus, some control software that KAV will flag up if not told to ignore) but leaves the "Last full scan" column blank.
  22. Can't say I've seen that option in the kit anywhere.
  23. Nice simple one really. I can't seem to find anywhere to prevent the "password protected archive detected" event from being logged. We run adaware on all our machines here and as I add more users to the admin kit it is becoming a problem. Would help if I could find a "Do Not Show" option in the filters but would prefer to stop event logging for this problem altogether. Any help would be much appreciated. Scott.
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