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  1. Ok, I've now gone through and manually deleted all of the McAfee files that appear to part of the standard build of the laptop from factory. None of the McAfee software was actually running - they were just remnant installer files. I've deleted a couple of other temp files that the GSI didn't like also. New report here: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...446bbfa59ef2dd0 I've left kg.dll, as I don't actually know what it is, and a google search didn't bring up any useful results either. I've also obviously left the bluetooth exe - curiously, KIS 2014 has it listed as a "trusted app" in the app controller, so unsure why GSI would have an issue with it. Regardless, I don't see that there's anything I can do with fixing that with GSI at all. There are quite a few temp files/folders. I've always avoided manually deleting folders unless I actually know what they are. Nothing registering as a problem in GSI though at the moment.... KIS 2014 still behaving itself at the moment, and this was with the now deleted McAfee installer files still sitting there until about 30 mins ago.
  2. Thanks Supercopier I had done! McAfee was the first thing I deleted when the laptop first arrived, just before I first installed KIS 2015 after the reboot... I've uploaded a pic of the installed programs and it's not listed either. Will do a clean up of the temporary files - thanks for the suggestion. It really shouldn't be an unhealthy system - the laptop is now 8 days old! All I've installed is BlackBerry software, Office 2010, KIS, Chrome and copied over all of my data from my last laptop. It hasn't really had a chance to get all clogged up yet! (though I've learnt some lessons in the past about installing / downloading crap that just clogs up the system). Was also pondering about removing the free software that came with it as the standard Sony build... hadn't decided to remove it forever just yet, but I'm sure it will go as I'm unlikely to ever use it. (I did have a major Windows update problem after it first arrived - update after update refused to install for some reason, but MS tech support ran a remote batch file, (which initially made the system worse and it wouldn't check or download updates at all), then curiously, a few reboots later, she magically started downloading and installing MS updates without any further bother - she's been fine with MS updates since).
  3. I've already removed KIS 2015 and installed KIS 2014 and fully updated it. Thus far, it's working ok with no overload on the system (and bluetooth works perfectly again!). The license key you've got will work in either/any software, so I'd recommend giving this a go until KIS 2015 actually works properly - the decent thing about Kaspersky is that at least you can upgrade their software whenever you like, and what you're actually paying for is to have a live software license, irrespective of which version of the software you happen to be running. Will post again if KIS 2014 starts messing around in my system, so if there's no update from me, assume that all's well! If you don't already have it - you can download KIS 2014 here: http://support.kaspersky.co.uk/kis2014
  4. Okey dokey - I have created a new report using v5.0.0.25 The link to it is here: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...e1f43a843eed9e5
  5. Sadly, just a few days have passed, and it's happening again - my processor is being pushed to around 50-55% of demand at the moment. It's been fine since my last post. No new software has been installed, and it's affecting the bluetooth again! (i.e. bluetooth services and devices won't work when this problem occurs - I don't know why) I've run GSI (6.0) again. There is no "click here" after it's run. There is simply an address which shows where the generated zip file report has been stored, and the hyperlink to www.getsysteminfo.com - I've clicked this, and pointed the upload at the zip file - the result? An error message on the GSI website saying that it's own zip file is not in the correct format - top quality.... I've now had enough of KIS 2015. It's being removed now, as it's clearly bug-ridden dogsh*t, and I'll roll back to KIS 2014. Fingers crossed....
  6. Thanks, I had read that, but it hasn't "autouploaded" anywhere. It simply saved the file in the C: drive in the default location. There was no option to choose a cloud location to upload it to. However, I have rebooted the machine in the meantime prior to about to removing everything. I don't know why, but I checked the bluetooth one last time, and extremely mysteriously, it has re-appeared and reactivated. I cannot explain this at all. Therefore, at the present moment, KIS 2015 appears to be running, not overloading my computer, and no longer blocking Bluetooth. This has confused my tiny mind, but I've spent so long buggering around with it, I'm just glad I think I might be able to move on. As soon as anything changes, I'll post back again...
  7. Hello to all Ok, KIS 12015 is now reinstalled, and fully updated. Thus far, the system is running normally, and there is no evidence of system overload at the present moment. However, bluetooth has now been removed/blocked from my system! Up until an hour ago, bluetooth was present and running just fine. However, it's now gone! The only change? Installation of Kaspersky Internet Security 2015.... The only mention of bluetooth on my system is now within the Airplane mode of Network Settings, where Bluetooth is listed below WIFI, but is a greyed out box that cannot be toggled on/off anymore. Also, there is no mention of a bluetooth radio anywhere within Device Manager either - simply an "unknown USB device" now showing in the USB controllers section, which wasn't there previously. I'm about to uninstall KIS 2015 again and rollback to KIS 2014 instead - I'm betting that as soon as KIS 2015 is removed, bluetooth will be restored. Will report back either way when I've sorted it... BTW - I have run the GetSystemInfo app, and have got the zip file to share, but it's over 3MB in size, and I cannot attach it to this thread. I've just uploaded it to the open Kaspersky ticket that the tech staff at Kaspersky are struggling with (the reason why I am here on this forum!), but I can't see anyway of sharing it with you guys here on the forum! I've completely had enough of KIS 2015 - it's clearly a buggy piece of software, whether it's overloading my system, or cutting bluetooth off. I can't run my life wasting time and lost productivity pissing around with Internet Security software like this....
  8. Hi Ibbi Just went to disable the RIM software you mentioned, but found that: 1 - The software you mention isn't actually in my startup list of files. 2 - The two RIM entries that are in my startup list were disabled already in any event! Am now confused.... but am about to reinstall KIS 2015 once more and see what happens this time round. As you can I've only got three Intel, one sound and Dropbox auto-starting at boot-up...
  9. Hello Rich Thanks very much for replying. At this precise moment, KIS has been deleted off the system, just to get it running normally again. I'm going to risk reinstalling it now, and see what happens. Will also block the RIM software mentioned above now, in case this is the conflict. Will report back either way - good or bad!
  10. Thanks very much for this reply - I do believe you! I hadn't realised that this particularly piece of software was monitoring / reporting tat that I would never want on my system anyway... Will happily remove it. However, the system overload was so severe and so permanent, insofar that it was effectively locking up the entire system, preventing me from even getting a wifi connection to work, download/upload email etc etc, I just had to get the software off my system with Kavremover, just so that I could remain productive. I've already lost 3-5 hours yesterday pissing around with KIS and trying to get it off the system. Will stop the RIM software from autoloading at boot-up, and reinstall KIS 2015 and report back what happens....
  11. I have the exact same problem - running Win 8.1. I can't find any incompatibility issues. I'm not running any additional anti-virus software like MalwareBytes or anything like this. The laptop is only 5 days old, and it wasn't like this when I first installed KIS 2015 onto the laptop (the second job done after receiving the laptop), since then, only Office 2010, Google Chrome and BlackBerry Link/Blend have been installed onto the system. I did have a big problem with the Microsoft updates, which required a massive load of assistance from MS to resolve. The engineer ran some sort of batch file that basically reset my system for a while and stopped the updates completely, however, after a couple of reboots, MS updates is now working ok - however, I would have said that the KIS 2015 overload problem started after installing MS updates for Win 8.1. I obviously can't pinpoint which one though as more than 1GB of MS updates have been installed over the last couple of days. Seems more likely that it's a problem / incompatibility between Windows, and Windows update and KIS 2015?
  12. Hello to all. I've been a Kaspersky user since about 2009, when we introduced it to all of the PC's in our office - I've been upgrading the software annually when it became available, and prior to now, have been using it with Win XP and Windows 7. I've now upgraded to an Ultrabook running Win 8.1 - I've only had this for a few days. My first thought was to continue to use KIS, so thought I'd try the latest software (KIS 2015) and activate it with my present license. This software downloaded, installed and activated without any problem. However, over the past four days, the performance of my laptop has been dropping through the floor and getting progressively worse. KIS has seriously affected boot up and down times. The loading of software, the ability to actually get to a state of being able to use the laptop, connect to a wireless network and actually get online with a browser (either Chrome or IE11) and won't let me sync email with Outlook 2010. It's been horrific. Worse, the KIS software has been totally dominating the processor on the laptop and I can see in Task Manager, that she's running into the 90-100% of processor demand range. Consequently the laptop has been running hot, the fan has been working it's backside off and been super-loud with the fan running at full pelt. Turning off the protection within the KIS settings has made no difference. It still runs in the background and still dominates the processor. I've not been able to "End Task" with either of the two entries in the processes tab of Task Manager either - I don't get an error, or a "can't stop the process" dialogue box, it simply doesn't end when you select "end task". In the end, I could see that KIS was killing my system and it had to be removed - even trying to remove it from within the Program Manager wouldn't complete, even if I left it for an hour to run. In the end, the only way to remove it, was to get the latest KasRemover, which has now finally got it off. After a reboot, my system is running super-quick again and most importantly, silently as the processor is no longer being massively over-worked. As you can imagine, I'm pretty reluctant to re-install KIS 2015, as my expectations are that it will simply start it all over again - I was thinking that I might be better going older and installing a KIS 2014, or even a KIS 2013 instead to try and not experience this system impact problem again? WDYT? I'm installing this onto a Sony Flip 15A Ultrabook, which is running an x64-based processor, and a 64 bit version of Windows 8.1. I have 8 GB of ram and it's a Intel Core i5-4200U CPU @ 1.60 Ghz. To be honest, I wasn't expecting any performance / installation problems at all, but the only thing I can think of is that the fact it's a 64 bit system is not to the liking of KIS 2015? Therefore, I'm at a loss. I'd like to work a solution asap - as I'm currently running without any protection on the system at all at the moment - has anyone experienced this sort of system impact on a 64 bit system before and how they resolved it? I'm not running much - nothing more than Office 2010 (mostly Outlook / Word and PowerPoint), two browsers (Chrome and IE11) and BlackBerry Link from time to time. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Whilst I'm delighted that my system is now running like a rocket again at the moment, I would like to get some software protection back on it! I've uploaded a pic of the Task Manager so that you can see just how bad the system impact with KIS running!!
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