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  1. Hi ! I installed KAV 2010 ( on XP machine. Now I cannot connect to a remote DVR ( if i disable web anti virus everything is working. I tried to enter the address in the "list of trusted web addresse" (*) No go can someone help.
  2. It's not so easy because: 1. I need to enter the number twice (one in the installation process and one in the kaspersky account) 2. I can't manage the codes by name or any thing that will personalize the owner of the code. I am installing allot of them (20-50 per month), is there any other solution?
  3. Some time ago when I installed kav an enter my email I received an email like this: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello! Thank you for registering your Kaspersky Lab product! This email contains your personal ID and the Password to it. Your current registration data is: Your Personal ID: xxxxxxxxxxx Password: xxxxxxxxxx To enter your Personal Cabinet, please use the following link: https://support.kaspersky.com/PersonalCabinet Do not lose your personal ID (Client ID) as you will need it in the future. Contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support at http://support.kaspersky.com to purchase additional product or to extend the current Kaspersky Lab product. Sincerely yours, Kaspersky Lab ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What should I do to keep getting this email for backup purposes?
  4. Hi all ! A time ago when I installed kav and enter my email I get an email with Personal ID. In the new program I do not get an email. Is there any way to correct this problem? I need this feature because I am installing a lot of kav (20-50 a month). Thank you
  5. Cannot uninstall Symantec live update I need it (not for anivirus). download manager was in this session up but most of the time it is off I have installed aprox 250 KAV in verios computers with symantec live update the problem is with this computer only and the problem began only after uninstalling KAV 7 and installing KAV 2009. I tried to uninstall, delete all relevent files and install again for a 5 times, the same problem on this machine
  6. Make sure update settings are as follows... Settings>Update>Settings>ProxyServer... tick "Use Proxy server", select "Automatically detect..." and "bypass proxy.." this is the default settings Click OK and then click the "Additional" tab... try (for experimental purposes) to untick "rescan quarantine" and "copy updates.." no luck the same problem
  7. the cpu is under 2 % and the computer is clean after restart not always the problem will disappear, some times i need to restart 5 or 6 times untill KAV will download all the files it needs any idea .
  8. its stuck on 1 minit , the timer do not count. the screen shot is after 1 Hrs
  9. Its not the first time and every time I need to restart the computer to solve the problem/ aaa.txt
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