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  1. Sorry, I did not get the !!spam tag Thank you for your help
  2. just performed the procedure from my gmail to my work email I got the message
  3. I have, however they've not been much help to this point.
  4. just recently i've found that my users are complaining of receiving a large amount of spam that normally doesn't happen. I took a look at my KS product and found that it hasn't been catching anything for almost 2 days. During this time, normal mail flow was OK. I rebooted all my Exchange Servers (2 node mailbox cluster, 2 transport servers all running exchange 2007). Since the reboot, the KS product has only found 4 messages in the 5 hours since the reboot. The most interesting thing I found when browsing the log files, is that the log file timestamps are all 5 hours ahead. Example line taking from the bottom of the antispam log file notice the time stamp 2014-03-06 18:22:15.882 - 4864 Information AntispamEngine: Information Moebius Compiler prepared update: white timestamp=2808660,black timestamp=0,queue size=51 the current time on the server is 1:24pm est. Any ideas where to start. Support says that all is well if the services are running and enabled. which they are running and enabled, however I'm used to seeing several messages / hour being blocked. Thanks
  5. Does anyone have any idea why support wait times for Canada/USA have been so awful lately? In recent months I've been waiting consistently waiting a min of 45 min to get through to anyone. I have an active support issue open with kaspersky and the response time from 'HQ' is brutal. I've waited 8 days before hearing back from support on this case. I'm unable to escalate my case or get any real information on it via the tech support either. I'm always told that the ticket is with 'HQ' Who is that? where are they? In the beginning when I first signed on with kaspersky in '11.. I used to be able to reach support in under 5 minutes. Things have changed drastically but I can't understand why. Does anyone have contact information for someone in support that might be able shed some light on issues?
  6. Checked my Kaspersky Server this morning and found 250+ clients all showing 'Protection is Off' In speaking with Kaspersky Chat support we found that an Agent Re-install resolves the issues. Chat was not able to give me an explanation as to why it happened though. I've escalated the call within support and waiting to hear back from them. Has anyone else experienced this since the issues the other day. Admin Kit 8 Network Agent 8.0.2134 Kaspersky OS Windows XP
  7. Anyone having the same problems again?
  8. Same issues here. Admin Kit 8. Clients All XP Machines were not able to browse. XP and up were fine. Disabled Port Monitoring and issues are resolved. Has anyone spoken to support yet? what are they saying?
  9. has anyone had any issues with clients status changing to 'Kaspersky AntiVirus is not running' in AK8? Since the bad update I've managed to get most of my fleet (1300+ Clients) with the correct update. However since the problems earlier this week. I've been having several clients go into the above status. I'm able to 'Start' Antivirus again, however it eventually stops again. Support asked me to re-install the agent with the IP address instead of the DNS Name of the server for connection settings. This hasn't made a difference to this point. Anyone have any ideas?
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