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Password Generator

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If I were to use the Password Generator feature within Kaspersky Password Manager to create strong passwords, what happens when I want to log into websites from, say, a public computer? Am I supposed to remember the randomly-generated passwords created by the Password Generator?

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When the Password is generated please click on "Copy" and paste the Password  in the new Website.



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Thanks for responding! However, I’m not sure you understand my question.

Perhaps a scenario will help.

Let’s say I add my e-mail account to Kaspersky Password Manager today and allow the Password Generator to come up with a random password for it. If I went to a public library next week and decided to use a computer provided by the library to check my e-mail because I did not feel like bringing my laptop with me, will I have to remember the password that the Password Generator came up with?

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 @masteryoda1041: While Berny comes up with a reply..Get this - You're out there and wanto check your Emails..

Say that you've an account with Twitter : So type in the Library PC search bar <Twitter.com > and locate

the Login Link to type Email address and have to remember your"Generated Password" To be

able to Enter it..Hope this helps or Get more confused - Huh!  Let us know..? B)

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5 hours ago, masteryoda1041 said:

I'm still confused.

Probably, what's hard to understand is why..?  have to Enter the generated password

when supposedly is already "Saved in KPM" for the simple reason that you're

using a computer, where the KPM app is Not installed: if you would carry

your Laptop where, you've installed the KPM will be matter of just

open KPM goto the list of websites..Select your Email account

and Hit open and Bingo - You're ready to check the Emails

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I have KPM on my iPhone and the account is linked to MyKaspersky so the password vault is available to my iPhone. If I am away from my home computer where KPM is installed, I use KPM on my iPhone to see what the password is.

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