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  1. Maybe I wasn't clear enough, but this file is \System Volume Information\klmeta.dat, and it's a file which Kaspersky created to keep track of... something. So the problem is not Kaspersky scanning that file, but doing something else to the drive and reading/writing to that file I guess. So if I'm not mistaken, I need a way to make Kaspersky not do what it does to that drive, at least not that often.
  2. Thanks, but it's been off for years. I think the solution has to be to make Kaspersky somehow stop accessing that file in that drive. For the time being, I'm using an application that constantly writes to the disk so it never turns off.
  3. I bought some months ago a secondary hard disk, which is a WDC one, which as many of you may know, turns itself off after some idle time. I don't like this too much, as turning on a hard disk often reduces their lifespan. Later I managed to configure this timeout to 5 minutes; so for some months, it only turned on less than once a day on average. Since I installed Kaspersky Internet Security, it's been turning on 4 times per day on average. I rarely use the disk, as it is just a backup drive. The last time it turned on, I quickly checked the Resource Monitor and noticed that it was because of this klmeta.dat file, inside the System Volume Information folder. Is there a way to avoid KIS from doing this? Otherwise, I will be forced to have some dummy program accessing the disk every 4 minutes to keep it from turning off at all... Thanks!
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